About CELBMD Africa

The Pan African Professional Center is the Strategic Initiative/Institute of Community Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Foundation.

CELBMD Africa is an International Professional Executive Training/Development and Consultancy organization with a mission to advance entrepreneurial mindsets, leadership skills, nurture emerging entrepreneurs and establish sustainable enterprises and organizations in rural/semi-urban communities through Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Organizational Growth/Development skills empowerment. We inspire the spirit of Entrepreneurship and nurture entrepreneurship thinking across Africa.
CELBMD Africa promotes the role of entrepreneurs, transformational leaders, problem solvers in creating economic growth and social well-being. We achieve this through a wide range of Professional Executive Training and community programs across Africa.
We offer basic and world-class Professional Executive Training/Development services and Consultancy resources in strive to promote socioeconomic development, among all Africans especially those of rural/semi urban areas, minorities, and females across the African Continent.
We plan, prepare, and conduct successful Professional Executive Programs, training, workshops, Capacity Building seminars and conferences in essence to assist our targeted audience develop the necessary talents, skills and human resources that will assist them to progress in life. Gain greater skills, confidence, and professional recognition. As at 2016, Over 8 000 have been Trained, Empowered and Certified by CELBMD Africa.
We also offer a wide range of Professional Executive programs and consultancy that are designed to continuously improve productivity/effectiveness in various countries and organizations like Government, parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), the Private sector, etc.
We are known for being practical, focused and results-oriented. we aim to provide flexibility in our training in order to meet the array of needs and constraints facing the public and private organizations today in Africa.

Our Team

Being a member of CGIBT has been a wonderful experience which has changed my mindset positively. The morning school is like a healthy breakfast for me. In the CGIBT community, I have been able to make new and relevant connections,...

Few months ago, I was frustrated, depressed and burnt-out from business and school. My life was a total mess and I couldn’t manage my time and business properly. But after joining CGIBT, everything changed. It’s been 3months of mental transformation,...

Asheri Gohla Yuyen

Pharmacy student/Pâtissier - Cyprus International University

2022 has become the most productive year of my life thanks to the retreat we had in CGIBT at the end of 2021 to prepare us for 2022. I entered 2022 with more confidence and Hope. CGIBT trainings equipped me...

Nsaidzedze Clerance Banla

Head Teacher - Super Kids International Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Cameroon

Joining CGIBT last December 2021 has been one of the major achievements that happened in my life and profession. I’ve been able to find clarity in purpose, recovered my lost hopes and carry myself now with a lot of self-confidence...

Njapnchak Bosco Langeh

Teacher, Counselor and Psychologist. - (PhD Student)

Thanks to CGIBT, I summed up the confidence to start a job ready training program, nurtured productive habits, changed my thinking pattern, and the Academy keeps the flame of determination burning in me as far as growing in my career...

Ngong Hedwig Tvi

Career Service Provider - Founder The Leading Academy for Job Seekers

CGIBT delivered from the mentality of failure to hope and success. I discovered that all along I had been the cause of my failure as I depended on people, friends and the Government. I have been taught to take Total...


Counselor/ Agronomist - Founder, GREEN BELT

Being a member of CGIBT is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Since I bacame a member of PPA, I grew from the lowest point of my life to being over 90 percent consistent in my personal...

Mbihlufeuin Mispah

Lecturer, Higher Instutute of Translation, Interpretation and Communication

Progress is my purpose. Impacting lives is my mission because of CGIBT. I have a clear vision for my life. My daily routine has changed from the mundane to a productive professional. Every morning, I look forward to new challenges...

Sama Aloysius Nkwah

Educator, South Africa

I count it a blessing being a member of the CGIBT which is spearheaded by Dr. Javnyuy for it has open my eyes to many things through the trainings which has contributed to my personal and career growth. I believe...

Andziah Martina Ayeah

Accountant/Crypto Trader

Before joining CGIBT I had plans which I never achieved because I had no drive. Joining CGIBT is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life because this community drives and challenges me to become better. I...

Precious Muluh

Masters Degree Graduate in Economics.

For aspiring African entrepreneurs who have started a business or an idea, we are dedicated to equipping them