Mission and Vision of CEL-BMD

Our Vision Statement

To be Africa’s premiere skills training & development organization, bridging the high skill gap by inculcating the right skills and capabilities into African young people, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders & communities which will facilitate career growth, corporate excellence, successful businesses, sustainable communities

Our Mission

To make a difference across Africa by delivering relevant skills & competencies to Africans thereby maximizing their potential, enhancing their contribution to the continent’s growth through practical training practices & innovative mindset that lead to value creation.

Objectives Of CELBMD Africa

Innovation Opportunities

CELBMD Africa is out to give Africans the opportunity to innovate, effect positive change in their communities, create employment by starting up businesses, and demonstrate transformational leadership across the African Continent

Support to Less Privilege

To help poor young Africans who have not been able to attend major universities due to poverty to gain access to high-quality skills by empowering them with an entrepreneurial and global mindset to be responsible leaders through short executive training and development programs

Engaging Africans

We aim to engage African students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, employers compete globally and engage with business partners, organizations so therefore there is a  need  to  consciously  and  strategically  equip  them

Results Driven

Provide Professional Executive and Corporate quality Training/Development, and Consultancy with proven expertise, high training partnership, and Excellent Reputation across Africa. Enhance employee effectiveness and empowerment to be results-oriented.


To develop entrepreneurship, transformational leadership & success spirit among young Africans by providing insights into the tools, techniques and frame work for functional areas of business enterprise, including marketing, personnel, leadership and finance
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