“The Mini-MBA Enhanced my Strategic Positioning” – Ayah W. Abine

This is Ayah W. Abine. He specializes in productivity and business leadership as a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant and through AUI Consulting, I help struggling and low performing individuals and businesses transforming into high performing, highly productive, highly profitable, continuous and sustainable ventures through AUI Consulting.

Through speaking, coaching, consulting, courses, books and premium information, we transform businesses and speedup their growth and expansion. He is also an author in the same line of productivity and business leadership.

Abine was born in Buea, in the South West Region of Cameroon. He did his secondary and high school at the Saint Joseph College Sasse and did his university studies at the prestigious University of Buea. In his pursuit for more knowledge, he enrolled for the Mini Masters in Business Administration (mMBA) Certificate, designed by The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa in collaboration with Kesmonds International University (KIU), USA under the leadership of Dr. Javnyuy Joybert.

“The Mini MBA help me considerably with strategic positioning (as an individual) especially in the digital space which is where most of the money and impact is found today. My ability to push my personal brand has improved considerably and my following keeps increasing”.

Abine went on the further explained how the Mini-MBA impacted his life, and this is what he had to say: ” This program also went a long way to advance my ability to critically analyze businesses and come out with applicable, measurable and replicable solutions. As a professional and business executive, my ability to identify and figure out solutions to complex problems has increased tremendously”.

As an entrepreneur, he learnt so much and in his own word, he said: ” My decision making ability as an entrepreneurial leader was skyrocket thanks to the program and I am much more capable of making quick, objective, strategic, reasonable and inclusive decisions as a result in very complex situations. This plays a great role in getting innovation going with the results being positive most times”.

Abine went on to say that: “The Mini MBA went a long way to improve my thought pattern, innovative and creative abilities in solving problems as a professional and business executive. This has permitted me to stand out in both spheres as a results driven personality”.

At the level of the impact on his career, here is what he had to say: “My business has benefited considerably from the Mini MBA program because it permitted me to be able to have a better understanding of the business (BMC). This has given me more clarity and makes marketing and other things easier to do and get quick results. In addition to that, AUI Consulting has been able to setup more sustainable systems to aid in making it more efficient and effective in delivering its services and/or products. This enables the business to get more results and to be more productive and profitable”.

In conclusion he said: “The understanding which my business had in the continental and global scale has tremendously increased thanks to the program. This helps in decision making as a business, which enhances cost effectiveness, strategic actions, continuity and sustainability. The Mini MBA program went a long way to help in strengthening the AUI Consulting team as a very effective and innovative team. The program gave premium tactics and tips on building high performing teams and that benefitted AUI Consulting considerably”.

When it comes to partnership, Abine will like to have partnership with similar businesses for mutual consultancy, collaboration and referrals, and also with Institutions who would want our services and products for their employees or clients. Not leaving out Experts who are willing to use their skills to grow the business.

You can get to him through the following:

Business:         Ayah’s Universal Influence (AUI) Consulting

– Contact:        (+237) 674 39 20 56/ 690 68 65 03

– Email:                        info.auiconsulting@gmail.com, aui.consulting@gmail.com

Personal:         Ayah W. Abine (Coach TIL)

– Contact:        (+237) 674 39 20 56

– Email:                        ayahabine@gmail.com


To register for the next mini-MBA program kindly whatsapp +237674949153

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