“Marketplace Fellowship Program Helped to Combat Self-Destructive Habits” WIRBA Louice

WIRBA Louice TARDZENYUY attended Catholic School Kuintar, and his secondary and high school at St. Frederick Comprehensive High School Mankon Bamenda.


Louice did his university studies at the University of Bamenda. He further went on to get a High school Technical Teacher Post Graduate Diploma (DIPET II) in Management, from the University of Bamenda.


He is a teacher at CETIC D’EBOLOWA II, as he was recently posted there in December 2021 after completion from ENSET Bambili.


Louice’s passion for studies propelled him to get into the Marketplace Positioning Fellowship Program and here is what he had to say about the program: “The program taught me how to look inside of my and find the innate resources that God has deposited in me, and use them for my advantage. It birth in me a degree of courage to face the world and it has made me not to see any possibilities in whatever I set my mind to do.”


He went further to say that: “Just knowing that I will be trained and certified by one of Cameroon’s most reliable and successful entrepreneurs, played a great role in encouraging me to push through with the program.”


Furthermore Louice went on to recount the impact of the program, and this was what he had to say: “I am in the process of self-redefinition, thanks to this program. This program was really an eye opener for me. Some habits that were self-destructive are being cleaned up and new habits being adopted. I have cleaned up my cycle of friends. Only those friends with whom I exchange value are kept and I only make friends with those I can exchange value with. I really did not know of the effects wrong associations could have on you. Now I know.”

At a personal level, here is what Louice had to say: ” I now have a clear picture on how I will climb the ladder of success in my career. I now know what it takes to stand out as a professional and I believe when I implement this, I shall never remain the same.”


He went ahead to say that: ” This program has really worked on my mindset and my view of life, generally, and the corporate world particularly. It has given me the understanding of how to do effective and productive networking and also how to be able to spot or identify opportunities when I see them.”


In conclusion, Louice made it expressly clear that: ” Thanks to this program, I have a clear vision of how to build a top notch personal brand which is going to enhance my life and career. I now have the knowledge on how to professionally build and sustain my life and career. This program has broadened my knowledge on tools for effective virtual team collaboration. I can now see and experience how work could be done remotely through sharing of files, collaboration on files and communication with team members with ease using various platforms. Before, I was limited to a few.”


In his quest for expansion, Louice would like to have partnerships with  experts in public speaking, management consultancy and trainer where he can volunteer. Aside from being a teacher, his intention is to use his free days judiciously and invest in learning the above skills as a potential alternative source of income.


He is also into affiliate marketing and open to anyone who has value to add in this direction. He also looks forward to partnerships with educationists in the business field with whom they can exchange value.


For any partnerships, you can get to Louice through the following:


Contact; 677012588

Emal: louiswirba94@gmail.com



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