“Mini-MBA Has Brought Benefits to my Career, Person & Business” Umaru Mohammed Bongwirnso

Umaru Mohammed Bongwirnso is a lecturer at the university of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal, Damam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the department of Building Engineering. 


He is also the founder and CEO of Diaspora Trust Services (D.T.S) a registered conglomerate both locally and internally with multi-disciplinary services ranging from, architectural designs/construction, monetary transactions, transport/logistics, agriculture, and IT- Consultancy. Within DTS, we do humanitarian services under the umbrella Diaspora Trust Aid (D.T.A). Their dynamics ignite opportunities, build trust, and ease connection between families and loved ones, thus making life worth living.


He is one of the pioneer students of Mantum Technical College, now called Cardinal Tumi’s Catholic Comprehensive College Mantum where he obtained Aptitude Professional Certificate (CAP) in the field of Electricity (F3), he  Probatoire, General Certificate of Education (GCE-Technical) baccalaureate and (BACC) were obtained from the Government Technical High school Bamenda. 

After his high school, he got into the Advanced technical Teachers training College (ENSET) Douala, Cameroon where he studied Electrical Engineering and computer sciences. 


Two years into ENSET, he dropped out , but was granted a scholarship by the Saudi Arabian Higher Education which he immediately took the opportunity and challenge and changed from his field of study in Electrical Engineering to Architectural Engineering. 


While in Saudi Arabia, he did his undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies at the University of Dammam (now Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University), and have been able to obtained several certifications in business management and leadership skills from reputable institutions like, Oracle University, CELBMD Africa, and MOGI Global Leadership School, with the recent achievement being the EDGE (excellence in design for greater efficiencies) Expert Certification and mini-MBA certificate.

Umaru’s passion for learning was what got him in contact with CELBMD Africa where he did his Mini-MBA and here is what he had to say about the program: “The Mini-MBA from CELBMD Africa has brought enormous benefits to my career, person, and business. From its well-structured courses targeting real life challenges, I have been able to improve on the management of my business of which I am gaining positive feedback from my employees and clients.”


He further explained: “My career has taken a different phase as I dare to go in for more challenging tasks which have gone a long way to stretch my intellectual capacity and experiences. I have become more focused, committed, and intentional about my everyday activities which are drilled towards accomplishing my goal; to contribute to building a better world for all humanity.”


As a CEO, Umaru’s aspirations at the level of his company, Diaspora Trust Services, seeks to win local and international markets reaching out to each and every one especially those in the suburbs ensuring ease, effectiveness, and efficiency of its services. 


He also looks forward to gaining a higher position that will give him the opportunity to be able to reach out to a great number of people in need of his services as an academician and contributing to policies that tackles climate change and carbon emission in the construction industry at large. 


In conclusion, Umaru’s D.T.S as a whole, looks forward to a limited liability partnership which should aim at achieving the sustainable development goals (SDG) especially in agricultural, construction and other related services. 


You can contact Umaru for any form of partnership through the following:


Tel: +966 502 351 714/+237 652 138 288

Email: umaru@diasporatrustservices.com /  umaru_m@yahoo.com


Social media handles.

LinkedIn: @umaru-mohammed

Twitter: @Umaru_Mohd

Facebook: @eng.umaru

Instagram: @umaru.mohd

WhatsApp: +966 502 351 714

Telegram: @diasporatrustservices

Website: https://www.diasporatrustservices.com



To register for the next batch of Mini-MBA program kindly whatsapp +237674949153 to register. 


CELBMD Africa Communications Team




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