“Mini-MBA Program is One of the Best Things that Has Happened to my Vision”

Hanson Miysh is a Fashion Designer and Actor and founder of “The Street Child Clothing” resident in Yaoundé. “The Street Child Clothing” has as its objective to train for free and employ just one Struggling person every 12 months. This is in effect to reduce poverty and share the helping hands mentality.


Born in Nso, in a village called Mah in the North West Region of Cameroon. He did his primary school at the Presbyrerian School (PS) Mah. He couldn’t continue secondary education immediately but rather did vocational training in Tailoring in Kumbo 2009 and in Tibati 2010. He later continued school and did his secondary school at G.S.S Mah and high school at G.B.H.S Atiela in Bamenda, and continued his studies in advanced tailoring in Yaounde.


Being a victim of the ongoing Crisis, he found himself in the most difficult capital city, Yaounde, were he served at Dware outfit as the male designer and fashion instructor at Dware Academy. He then went in for the Mini MBA program at CELBMD AFRICA, and here is what he had to say about it: ”Going through the Mini MBA program through The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa is one of the best things that have happened to me in a very long while. Gaining knowledge on business operations, management and organization served as a breakthrough for me in my fashion designing and Acting career.“


He went on to say that: ”Thanks to the Mini MBA, I was able to successfully participate in the reality TV show in Cameroon (Biggy Studios 2021) and afterwards launched “The Street Child Clothing”, which  is my clothing Brand. The program gave me the opportunity to recycle my clients and make payable clients through what I can call rebranding and new customer acquisition and maintenance plans.”


Hanson further said that: ”Thanks to the Mini MBA program I also served excellently as the Branch manager of Noble Arts Entertainment Company in Yaounde. This same program also gave me the guts to be willing and of course capable of establishing “The Street Child Clothing” and willing to partner and run the Clothing brand as a  full company with tasted and proven business insights.”


He ends by saying: ”Hopefully in the near future as money permits and God grants life, I’ll definitely take the full MBA program and of course operate a full fashion clothing company and a fashion designing Academy.”

As a founder of a clothing brand, Hanson would like to have partnerships with individuals and organizations that share the desire to help others through free training and later employment, also partnerships with fashion shops as a supplier.


For any partnership deals with Hanson, you can do so through the following contact information: Tell: 67038011 Email: hansonmiysh123@gmail.com

Facebook page: Hanson Miysh


To enroll for the next session of the Mini-MBA program, contact the admission office at +237 674949153


CELBMD Africa Communication Team 


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