“I Have Found Myself and I am a Better Entrepreneur Thanks to the Mini-MBA Program”

Glory Sepine Ndenkeh is a Skincare therapist, and also the founder of TISHAGOLD COSMETICS and co-founder of CREST SOLUTIONS ( General supplies on heavy equipment rental).


Sepine’s enthusiasm and love for the skin and physical beauty, pushed her to travel to Nigeria, where she attended: THE  LANNIK BEAUTY INSTITUTE AND SPA Lagos-Nigeria, where she Obtained a diploma in Skincare management and wellness therapy .


Clearly, Sepine is the type of person who is hungry for knowledge. That is what pushed her into enrolling for the Mini-MBA. This is what she had to say  “Being a part of the  Mini MBA (March cohort 2022) under the tutoring of  Dr Javnyuy  Joybert has not only improved me as a person but has added incredible value to  my business”.


She went ahead to explain that: “The Mini-MBA program has changed my way of thinking, opened up my mind and has fundamentally changed the way I look at the business world”.


Attesting to how the program made a leader out of her, here is what she had to say:” Thanks to the Mini-MBA program, today, I can proudly say I am a CEO and can confidently  say I am a leader. This  program dished out leadership techniques that I couldn’t have easily come across. The next step is to practice those techniques until they become skills and then habits”.


As a CEO and founder, building a thriving team is paramount. This is what she had to say: “Thanks to  CELBMD AFRICA and the Mini-MBA program, I am an ultimate team player. This program taught me how to  build  a successful  team and work with absolutely anyone”. 


Being a leader, relevance is one of those things that attest to your leadership. Here is what Sepine had to say: “Conquering  irrelevance ,which is a serious secret to staying in the marketplace, is another lesson  learned. There’s just a lot to gratefully mention here…from learning how to  analyze any company from many different perspectives and being able to understand the strategy, operations and performance of that company quickly and effectively, to learning that the art of seduction and persuasion can make your business go places. These secrets of 21st century marketing have given me insights into specialized digital marketing and real world practices in growing a sustainable cosmetic brand.”

Sepine also had a lot to say about the impact of the Mini-MBA Program in her life as a person. In her own words:” The two most exciting parts of this program to me as a person is that, firstly, it has provided me with the confidence and communication skills to help my fear of public speaking  and secondly I have made meaningful contacts, met different entrepreneurs, CEOs and I have made so many friends. In a nutshell, I HAVE  FOUND MYSELF, thanks to this Mini-MBA Program.”


Sepine understands that the Skincare industry is very broad and lucrative too, so she looks forward to constantly innovating, acquire top notch training as the world keeps evolving. She is open to partnerships.


Get to her though:


Personal contact details 

Glory Sepine Ndenkeh 

SW region ,Limbe.

Phone no ( +237)695059045

Business no (+237)680551255

Email ; tishagloworld@gmail.com


To register for the next batch of the Mini-MBA program. Contact +237 674949153 



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