“Mini-MBA Program Taught Me How to Think Certificates & Beyond Government Jobs” Mbotiji Vanissa

MBOTIJI VANISSA LEKUNGA, is a private trained Economics teacher and a mobile money transfer agency. 

She did her secondary and high school education at GBHS Mfou –Yaounde. Vanissa did her University studies in two state universities: The University of Bamenda and the University of Dschang where she obtained her DIPES1 and DEGREE respectively.

Due to her desire to upskill and get more knowledge, Vanissa enrolled into the Mini-MBA program.  She stated, : ”Enrolling into the Mini-MBA Program was one of the best decisions I ever took for myself.  Because not only did it help me to realize my purpose, it equally helped me to change my mindset about life. It helped me to look at life in a different perspective and I am now motivated to succeed more than ever before”. 

She went on to further explain that:” The Mini-MBA helped me to realize how much I could be full of possibilities if I can think beyond my certificates, beyond the government and beyond the crisis in the country”.

With her passion for business, she continues to explain in her own words the impact the Mini-MBA had on her:  “Before I enrolled in this program, I had always had that desire to be a big business lady. I had this great passion for business but what I did not know was that, to be an entrepreneur or the big business lady I aspired to become, was a journey and a process. These three months I gave myself to the  program, equally increased my level of satisfaction with my life”.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, she had this to say: ”Thanks to this program, I was able to inculcate that strong desire and the courage to start my own business. It equally conditions me to understand for me to succeed in my business I will not only have to think out of the box but I will need to think without the box. In this program, I learned very useful concepts which actually helped me to start my business like understanding the value proposition of your business, evaluating cost and revenue streams and so many others. I equally learned how to make my own business model canvas which was exactly what I needed to understand my business”.

Vanissa aspires to build a sustainable career as a business consultant and coach, with youths and young entrepreneurs in mind.

She looks forward to a general and strategic partnership to be able to take her business (MISS V ENTERPRISE) to a higher  level.

You can contact her for any form of partnership via: +237 671428231 mbotijivanissa93@gmail.com


To enroll for the next batch of the Mini-MBA program, kindly Whatsapp: +237674949153 to gain admission. 



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