“Mini-MBA Program Improved My Marketplace Positioning” Says Clotilde Fon CEO of MEDCONS LTD

CLOTILDE FON AMECK is an entrepreneur and a business woman. She’s the CEO of MEDCONS LTD with the electronics division fully operational for now. She’s also the founder of Clotilde Fon Inspires Globally. A training platform and program. Clotilde is also the visionary of The Lord’s Garden Foundation.


Born in Tiko, she did her primary school at Government Primary School Likomba, and did her secondary School at PGSS Presbyterian Girls Secondary School Mile 4 Limbe and GHS Kake Kumba and did high school at IMPAAS Imperial Academy of Arts and Science Tiko. 


Clotilde graduated from the University of Buea where she read Economics and Management Science.


Managing several responsibilities and the Mini-MBA program, Clotilde had this to say about the impact of the Mini-MBA program: “The mMBA has helped me in one of our weekly modules and live sessions to easily detect and eliminate irrelevance as far as my life, Business and career is concerned. With this I am now more focused and my mind is well tailored to achieve a peak performance.”


She went further to say that: “The program has tremendously opened my mind to understand how I can strategically position myself in the market place and to become a professional in my industry.”


Being a founder, interaction with other Executives is inevitable, so she had this to say: “My communication skills have been greatly enhanced especially on how to effectively and successfully communicate my Value to a client, investor, customer, stranger within 2-3min. In all our live session training, Dr Javnyuy Joybert will Intentionally stretch us by giving every Executive just 2mins to communicate their points, no matter how elaborate they are. That wasn’t an easy task for me in the beginning but doing that for more than 2 months now, I have successfully mastered the skill.


Being a visionary, there is the need to be able to operate with the big picture in mind, and this is what Clotilde had to say: “The mMBA has greatly help me to have a clear picture of my career path and I also understand exactly what I need to do within what time period to become what I want to be and to Position myself as an authority in my industry”.


From an entrepreneurial stand point, she had this to say: “As a start up in my traditional Business this mMBA has been of great help. It has given me a dive into how I can scout, understand and penetrate new markets and expand my business. I now understand what to do before, during and after the market penetration process.


How well a brand is perceived depends on how good it is positioned in the minds of customers. Hear what she had to say: “The mMBA has greatly helped me to understand what, why and how to build my brand and also how to effectively leverage on technology and social media as a powerful tool”.

Clotilde Fon

Clotilde went further to say that:”As an Entrepreneurial Leader, the program has stretched me to be a Team player and team leader in my industry. Innovating, proactive, time consciousness and of course excellence in delivery and providing a comfortable working environment that enhances peak performance all thanks to the mMBA and Dr Javnyuy Joybert.


In conclusion, she had this to say:”Customer Acquisition and maintenance is a challenge to any average entrepreneur, especially the skills you need for your customers to do repeated buying. Going through the mMBA I must say I am ready for my customers and clients now”.


Clotilde is looking forward to becoming one of Africa’s greatest and Go-To female Business consultant, marketing and financial analyst, as  she looks forward to connecting with other Entrepreneurial Leaders, organization and multinationals.


She also aspires to build one of the largest conglomerates in Cameroon and across Africa with excellent customer service and top notch customer experience.


Her greatest motivation is to give her parents the best lives they deprived themselves of for decades to ensure she becomes their “powerful baby girl”. Each day she hears her mother’s voice or sees her a tone of energy drops on her and she reminds herself of why she should never give up or fail. This is one of the reasons she decided to learn further by taking up this mMBA Program by CELBMD Africa.


Clotilde looks forward to partnerships where she can have business contracts that can supply her huge scale electronic devices, as that is the arm of her conglomerate that is fully operational.

She also greatly looks forward to partnership where she can get to train students, graduates, job owners, job seekers, SMSE owners, Bayam sellams etc on how they can strategically position themselves for job, customers, investors in the market place and also be exceptional in what they do. For students, how they can be relevant while still in school.


Clotilde’s greatest joy will be to partner with organizations, Individuals and multinationals and work with through the Foundation to give school dropouts, “destitutes”, struggling single moms and dads, widows, orphans etc a sense of relevance and empower them to understand that they can also Win and create impact even from the place of disadvantage.


You can contact Clotilde for partnership on:

– Tel:673058904

– Email: fonclotilde@gmail.com


Also on her social media handles👇🏽


– Facebook: Clotilde Fon Ameck.

– LinkedIn: Clotilde Fon Ameck

– Twitter: Clotilde Fon Ameck


To register for the next batch of the Mini-Program, kindly contact the admission department at +237674949153


CELBMD Africa Communication Department. 


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