FRIDA EFETI MUKEBA Epse MABKU-NDI, is the MARKETING DIRECTOR and DUTY MANAGER of SAFYAD HOTEL, Carrefour Mbog Abang Odza-Yaounde. I am into the Tourism and Hospitality Management Business.


Efeti was born in Kumba, and did her Primary school at GOVERNMENT PRACTICING SCHOOL – GPS Kumba Town. She went further to do her Secondary school at Lycee Bilingue de Kumba Station – GBHS and Cameroon College of Arts and Science – CCAS Kumba respectively. 


Efeti did her University studies at the University of Buea, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She further went Ito abstain a Professional Masters in International Relations – Option, International Marketing; at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon – IRIC Yaounde II SOA.


Here is what Efeti has to say about the impact of the Mini MBA:”The Mini MBA programme has given my life meaning and a new perspective to life. It has remodeled and shaped my way of reasoning and thinking about entrepreneurship and my working environment. Now, I can recognize areas of my job where I had lapses and shortcomings as an entrepreneurial leader and can now practically work towards improving myself and working on my responsibilities”.

Efeti went ahead to explain that: “The Mini MBA is definitely helping me increase my career performance and opening me up to new information, environments, people, and networks; nationally, continentally and globally”.


According to Efeti:”I am able to start and build my own business from the training modules and business wars I am receiving since I began the programme over two months ago. Through the training and write-ups I am getting from Dr Joybert Javnyuy and the CELBMD team, it will enable me as an Entrepreneurial Leader to train my other team members in my area of competence on the lessons I have been able to gather so far”.


Efeti aspires to become one of the world’s best Entrepreneur and Businesswoman. She also looks forward to networking with other corporate leaders and multinationals to  share and learn from their experiences. 


Efeti equally aspires to develop innovative skills in her domain of expertise and be able to serve her community and humanity as a whole.


Efeti looks forward to partnerships where she can have business contracts to offer lodging, restauration and leisure services with the hotel she presently works at; as well as partnerships to train business owners, corporate workers, civil servants, multinationals, diplomatic attachés, hospital staffs, buyam sellams, bike riders, students, etc; on the need for quality customer service experience and customer satisfaction in business.

To register for the next batch of the Mini-MBA program kindly contact our admission team on whatsapp: +237 6 70 32 12 91 or +237 6 70 32 04 85


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Tel : (+237 677 15 17 01 / 697 57 66 07

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Location: SAFYAD HOTEL, Carrefour Mbog Abang Odza, BP 0651 Yaounde IV


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