Meet Tofoin Bih – Corporate Executive of the Week: Mini-MBA March 2022 Edition

Tofoin Bih Veveiana is an AGENCY DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE at PRUDENTIAL BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE, in Douala-Cameroon (Head Office) and supervises two other branch offices in Kribi.


Born in Bafang, she did her primary school at the Government Bilingual primary school Bafang /Fundong, and did secondary school at  G.B.H.S Fundong.


Tofoin graduated from 2 state universities: Douala and Maroua, where she did  ESG ISTA/ISA AND ISTAM respectively.


Due to her hunger to become more knowledgeable and to acquire better professional skills, Tofion went ahead to complete the following certificate programs:

– Certified training on leadership styles and Communication Skills by Libre Foundation from Neitherland

-Certified training on Microsoft Word and  Internet Security by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications-Douala.

-Certified course on Mental Health and  Employees Wellbeing by Tashar  and Partners-Douala.

-Certificate Course On Principles of Personal Financial Success by CELBMD Africa Institute

-Certificate course On Career Enhancement and Growth by CELBMD Africa Institute

-certificate course On Principles of Productive Living and Career Success, by CELBMD Africa Institute


Tofion has also had the opportunity to serve in other capacities, giving her a 12 years working experience with the following companies:

-PAMOL Plantation Plc: work as a field head woman.

 -Elissam motors: working as controller in Maroua Agency.

-Nexttel Cameroon: work as D2D manager maroua and Customer care specialist Douala.

-Prudential Beneficial life Insurance: Working as Agency Development Executive – Douala.


With her job as  an Agency Development Executive at Prudential Beneficial Life Insurance, where she is currently working, she does the following:

– She recruits agents for the company.

– She coaches them on strategies to market the company’s service.

– She takes them to the field so as to be able to supervise their work.

-She is also responsible to motivate and encourage the employees.


Tofion in her own words explained how much impact that the Mini MBA program has had on her:” The Mini MBA program by the Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, pioneered by the Remarkable Dr. Javnyuy Joybert, has enabled me grow more in digital knowledge and in critical thinking. I can now create a facebook page of my own, talk about Business and Entrepreneurship to others and with good videos for my virtual audience, unlike before.“


She continues to elaborate the impact of the Mini MBA in her job:” The Mini MBA has also contributed to my coaching skills at my Job side and on the 09 of April 2022 I was able to organize a seminar on QUICK STEPS TO START UP A BUSINESS where I was honored by the presence of 30 participants.”


Tofion also has this to say about the Mini MBA program: “Thanks to this program, I am now able to coach well with all boldness and confidence and be more creative with my approach. I get to receive positive feedbacks from my employees on how impactful and motivating my coaching is, all thanks to the Mini MBA program and Dr.Joybert.”


Tofoin has also been privileged to record some achievements in the course of her career:




-PRUCENTIAL BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE: Award of Excellence in High Potentials 2021.


She is looking forward to organizing  a seminar this June 2022 and this will be just one among the many she intends to do.


Tofion further gave us the type of partnerships she would want. This is what she had to say:”In order to take up my career to the next level as a coach I won’t hesitate to partner with a mentor  and  a coach which is far more experienced in the coaching field that myself, I will also like to be connected to Partners who will help finance my forth coming  coaching projects because I also extend my coaching to the community through an association called HAPPY WOMEN HOME created in 2019 with me as the vice president”


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