Entrepreneur/Executive of the Week – Meet Tikum Hilary (Mini-MBA March 2022)

Tikum Hilary Titang is the Chief Executive Officer of TIK- ELECTRICAL ENERGY NETWORK IMPROVEMENT AND TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICE (TIK-MEENTS) base in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon.

Born in Efah and attended Government Primary School Efa and Government Secondary School Batibo and later moved to Government Bilingual High School DownTown Bamenda where he completed his high school.

Tikum is a graduate from the University of Bamenda where he completed his program in the department of physics.

Due to his desire for knowledge and professional skills, Tikum has completed the following certification programs:
– Vocational training in electrical engineering at Dens-tech,
– Online training in electrical Arc at Engineering institute of technology Australia
– Engineer mindset video courses online training in electrical engineering.

His company TIK-MEENTS provides the following services:
-Residential areas modern: electrification ( conduiting, earthing, wiring and installation of equipment).
– Commercial buildings modern electrification: (video surveillance system, conduiting wiring, internet and installation of equipment)
– Automatic system installation: (uninterruptible energy system water Auto filling, grinding mills etc).

According to Tikum, “the Mini-MBA program, offered by The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa under the leadership of Dr. Javnyuy Joybert has enabled me to be a critical business thinker, more confident in my business dealings and has developed to be able to work under pressure to serve my clients”

He also acknowledges that the Mini MBA has helped him in dealing away with some unhealthy habits: ” I use to sleep a lot, but going through this program, I learnt of the importance of dedicating more time to carry our a productive task than just to spend it sleeping and galivanting around.”

Tikum also further acknowledge the very important role that Dr Javnyuy Joybert has played in his live through this program: ” listening to Dr Joybert speak to us during our virtual classes, I develop an even greater admiration towards him. I took note of how coordinated and coherent his speech and teaching was, and I was challenge. So, I went ahead to develop myself in public speaking.”

According to Tikum, he aspires to become an executive contractor in the domain of energy sector. He is committed to acquire more knowledge and electrical engineering skills to take his company to another dimension.

Tikum wishes to collaborate with high institutes of professional studies like NFONAP Madagascar Yaounde, HIBMAT Buea and Engineering Institute of Technology EIT Australia. For better professional exposure, he desires to carry out professional internships with companies like Dangote, Sontrel and Eneo.

Get to Tikum for any form of partnership via:

Contact: +237680352928/668265052.
Email: tikumhilarytitang@gmail.com.

You can also connect with him on the following social media handles:

Facebook: Tikum Hilary Titang.
Twitter: Tikum hilary.
LinkedIn: Tikum Hilary Titang.

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