Press Release: Mini-MBA Executives – Meet the March 2022 Class

Press Release: Mini-MBA Executives – Meet the March 2022 Class

The management of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa on the 1 March 2022 welcomed another batch of 52 Executives for the practical Mini-MBA Executive Program which will run for 3 months (to May ending 2022).

The Mini-MBA Program is designed and executed by The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa in collaboration with Kesmonds International University (KIU) America. The curriculum is well crafted by business experts to take candidates on a co-learning journey where they will gain key local and international business insights, core business management practices, business strategies, execution for results and more.

The Mini-MBA program reveal to entrepreneurs and executives, advanced practical techniques to engineer business growth. The program targets entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals and people thinking of starting or joining the business field with no prior knowledge of business.

The current March 2022 Class is made up of executives resident in 3 countries from different industries like health care, technology, human capital development, education, agriculture and more.

After the program, they will benefit from the following
– Exponential improvement in business, leadership, strategic skills and personal confidence
– Enhanced negotiation techniques and skills to increase success in commercial agreements
– Guidance on strategic planning with current tools, techniques and thinking
– Increase ability to compete in the corporate world, gain promotion and international opportunities with our certification
– And more

The March 2022 Class – Mini MBA Executives include (divided into teams which we we call Business Wars Teams):

Team 1
MMBA4C1. Mbong Kimbi
MMBA4C2. Nabanga Pembe Carine
MMBA4C3. Tikum Hilary Titang
MMBA4C4. Nsaidzedze Clerance Banla
MMBA4C5. Mbaacha Tuijah Andong
MMBA4C6. Bih-Nwi Daris
MMBA4C7. Kumah Harran Ndahnsak
MMBA4C8. Nono Valerie

Team 2
MMBA4C9. Ananga Mbolo Anita Noella
MMBA4C10. Nsoh Fonkwa Elvis
MMBA4C11. Yembe Gisel Kaka
MMBA4C12. Akeh Beh Endem
MMBA4C13. Andziah Martina Ayeah
MMBA4C14. Fombo Anita Njweng
MMBA4C15. Ngeh Getrude Kesum
MMBA4C16. Mbianyor Bill-Erich Nkongho Agboryah

Team 3
MMBA4C17. Ndi Yanick Tumi
MMBA4C18. Achu Nah Eunice.
MMBA4C19. Frida Efeti Mukeba Epse Mbaku-Ndi
MMBA4C20. Daniel Ntungwe Bekoloh
MMBA4C21. Ngo Nsogla Adele Flore
MMBA4C22. Dielle Njume Solange
MMBA4C23. Abia Rita Ajoh
MMBA4C24. Fon Clotilde Ameck

Team 4
MMBA4C25. Asirou Rimeshi
MMBA4C26. Mirabel Ndum Mabeh
MMBA4C27. Alphonse Tafi Bah
MMBA4C28. Flavius Awonda Wainanchi
MMBA4C29. Kisuh Bronhilda
MMBA4C30. Nge Yvette Seh
MMBA4C31. AGHARIH Brandon Sonde
MMBA4C32. Lingoke Epse Manyo Sylvia

Team 5
MMBA4C33. Mbofung Javans Voyui
MMBA4C34. Mbaku Sandra Timben
MMBA4C35. Fonjiyang Remi Mumbara.
MMBA4C36. Tambe Chalomine Agbor
MMBA4C37. Fomune Daina Ndibabonga.
MMBA4C38. Mosoke Lucas Lyonga
MMBA4C39. Ngong Sherifa Peghama
MMBA4C40. Mboh-nui Olivet

Team 6
MMBA4C41. Feteh Clerance Akinepoh
MMBA4C42. Che Hedwig Keyen
MMBA4C43. Onya Emmaculate
MMBA4C44. Ayuk Gladys Arreh
MMBA4C45. Sama Velma Andin
MMBA4C46. Kun Walter Ndamukong
MMBA4C47. Glory Sepine Ndenkeh
MMBA4C48. Suiseka Charlotte Fomonyuiy
MMBA4C49. Nsai Fanngajai Betran

If you are interested to join the next class of the Mini MBA program from any country, kindly contact the following emails or or Whatsapp +237 6 70 32 04 85

CELBMD Africa Communications Team


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