Press Release: Marketplace Africa Positioning Fellowship Cohort 2

Press Release: Marketplace Africa Positioning Fellowship Cohort 2

Marketplace Africa Positioning Fellowship

The program designed by The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa under the leadership of the Executive President Dr. Javnyuy Joybert is targeting University students, Graduate Job Seekers, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs etc

The purpose of the program is to train young Africans on what to know, what to do to position themselves for success in the African Marketplace as Professionals in any sector.

The admitted participants will go through a total of 12 modules & practical career application activities:
Modules like;
– BluePrint to Building High Value/income 21st Century Skills
– Mastering the Art of Visibility in this dispensation
– Digital platforms & tools to master for career success
– Building top notch personal brand & conquering irrelevance
– And more

The following professionals from diverse sectors and countries were admitted into the program.
Alfred Mbuhwir Seka, Ambe Geraldine Sirri, Asen Erika Mbangooh, Atabong Cyril Nkengasong, Ayah W. Abine, Ayuk Horace Eyong-Fonja, Bah Akwi Georgette, Blessing Agbor Ekiko, Joannah Numbisi Mampu, Ju Anntionate Loh, Kelly FONBUNRI, Laisa Efeti Nangolo Ewusi, Manfo Guefack Billy, Mbihlufeuin Mispah, Mella Ashley Tabi Ayamba, Monangai Claire Mojoko, Mounchili Ndetche Moubarak, Nakouere Dalle Ginette Mirabelle, Nasang Joan Bah, Nchute Cyril Nforba, Ndam Carine, Ndenda Alain Ambe, Ngoh Harison Mbiseh, Ngwang Stephany, Ningamai AkuBai, Princess Biyemeh, Sone Eric, Tubua Julius A, Vernyuy Aurelia Jumbam, Yembe Gisel Kaka, Yemdjeu Shana Solee and Zoma Brita Zein

According to GIZ, growing youth unemployment poses a fundamental challenge for the African continent. In total, around 60 per cent of unemployed people are under the age of 25 and young women are especially affected. Although access to quality education and appropriate job opportunities are essential for the reduction of poverty, political stability, participation, sustainable development, and educational programmes with a practical orientation, they are hard to come by in many African countries. The lack of educational opportunities results in both poor personal and occupational prospects and is one of the reasons why many young people choose to leave their homes in search of a more prosperous future elsewhere.

In response to these challenges, the African Union Commission (AUC) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) initiated the Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA) in 2016.

The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, like SIFA, is contributing to upskilling and reskilling African young people with the right skills to increase success rate through programs like Marketplace Positioning Fellowship.

CELBMD Africa Management
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