“My the best career decision in 2021” Ngong Hedwig Tvi

Taking the Mini-MBA with CELBMD Africa, September 2021 cohort is just the best career decision I have taken so far this year.

As a novice in entrepreneurship with no previous background in the commercial studies, taking this course was very imperative for me.
From gaining valuable business administration skills, exploring current business theories and practices, getting a clear understanding of how a business works and how it sustains and increases profitability over time, leadership skills, effective team management, getting an understanding of individual behaviour and employee engagement, as well as various financial processes, I am confident that putting all these into practice will definitely lead my venture into entrepreneurship a successful one.

Thanks to this program, I summed up the courage to join a symposium of coaches from various countries through which I can network and gain more experience and exposure.

With the flexible program of studies at CELBMD Africa, I have been able to study alongside being a full-time employee while preparing the path for my successful dive into been a full-time career coach, and all these, at an affordable rate!

I say thank you to the entire CELBMD Team.

Ngong Hedwig Tvi
Career Coach and Recruitment Consultant

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