Mini-MBA Experience – AYAH W. ABINE

I definitely wasn’t blank when I joined this 3 months Mini-MBA program run by CELBMD Africa, but I must say I have been able to rise to the next level in terms of business analysis, my understanding of all the pillars of running a successful business, especially in a difficult terrain like Africa where majority of businesses fail or remain very local and subsistent. This program has gone a long way to buttress my expertise as well as consolidate the skills which I possessed into a more refined and specialized face and shape.

Through the very relevant, contextual, up-to-date and well tailored courses which cut across business, management and leadership, this program has enabled me to raise the bar as a Productivity & Business Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author and Consultant.

Specific modules on personal branding, entrepreneurial leadership, marketing and sales systems, conquering irrelevance among several others simply but very effectively elevated my consciousness and strategic understanding of of a diverse range of business, management and leadership issues in this very rapidly changing landscape.

The different types of exercises, for both individuals and groups which are properly integrated into the program equally enhanced my ability to work efficiently and effectively as a team member or leader.

It is a life transforming and very motivating program which I will highly recommend for anyone who is into any business or in any profession. Taking part in this program will build you into the person who can run a business which will be sustainable and thrive on the global stage. Do all to be in the next batch of executives.

My most profound gratitude to the entire CELBMD Africa Management, especially the vision bearer, Coach Javnyuy Joybert for the staggeringly amazing work they are doing.

Magnanimously Yours!

Productivity & Business Leadership Consultant
Founder & President, AUI & SWAG-PD

To register for the program, please whatsapp or call: +237 6 70 32 04 85


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