“This Mini MBA program was an utterly fascinating” by Ngoh Mac-Donald

During my stay in CELBMD Africa for the mini MBA program, many things changed in my life: the way I see business is longer the same.


This Mini MBA program was an utterly fascinating program, and I  recommend it for;


-You that have NEVER ventured into business, but desire to know how to begin


-To You who is currently in business, but struggling to identify that ‘hole’ in your business in order to fill it and help you skyrocket your sales curve.


-To You who is a professional Executive, because the modules are packed with lessons every beginner needs and professional Executives tend to ignore..


Ngoh Mac-Donald, Executive governor Mini MBA program June 2021 session

Co-founder and Manager of The Sales, Peer Vendors LLC.

4 Corners, Bambui, Bamenda

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