“My Learning Experience at CELBMD Africa Was a Thrilling One” by Mbah Claudia

My stay at CELBMD Africa was a thrilling one. I got more value out of it than I expected.
There was much more to the program than what I initially expected. It was much more than an educational experience.
It was a phenomenal practical training on idea validation, product design, marketing entry strategies, how to attract, retain and upsell to customers, marketing and public relations, creating a standard operating procedures, strategic leadership skills and a lot more when it comes to business growth.
It gave me opportunity to experience real life business cases which makes the program very precious.
The mini MBA program gives you tools to make the best business decisions in a complex environment. The experience i came across during this course opened up new horizons to see things differently.
The entire program is very well-designed and adds tremendous value.
It broadened my perspective, sharpened my managerial skills, and confidence contributing to my professional and personal growth.
With this, it has helped me to thrive as an executive and has given me new insight to use for my business and my current job by implementing all what i learned from this program on dialy basis.
I was honored to be part of this course.
Mbah Claudia
Billing Officer,
Cameroon Oncology Centre,
Bonaberi, Douala.

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