Press Release: Meet the June 2021 Class – Mini-MBA Candidates

Press Release: Meet the June 2021 Class – Mini-MBA Candidates

The Mini-MBA Program designed and executed by The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa in collaboration with Kesmonds International University (KIU) America has been well crafted by business experts to take candidates on a co-learning journey where they will gain key local and international business insights, core business management practices, business strategies, execution for results and more.

The Mini-MBA uses advanced practical techniques to engineer business growth. Strongly recommended for entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals and people thinking of starting or joining the business field with no prior knowledge of business.

The current June 2021 Class is made up of diverse candidates from different industries like technology, education, health care, agriculture, professional services and more.

After the program, they will benefit from the following
– Exponential improvement in business, leadership, strategic skills and personal confidence
– Enhanced negotiation techniques and skills to increase success in commercial agreements
– Guidance on strategic planning with current tools, techniques and thinking
– Increase ability to compete in the corporate world, gain promotion and international opportunities with our certification
– And more

Meet the June 2021 Class

The June 2021 Class – Mini MBA Candidates

Ateh Onorine Ngwemetah, Lekunga Elizabeth Foyabo, Tsufac Azembouh Roshinus, Mbah Claudia, Tim Risser Nain, Dominique Franklin Azemmo, Asaah Deanalex Frazone, Forti Boris Fokou, Sam Nloin Sukpa, Hanson Miysh, Jai Chiara Junior Senyuy, Ndifon Pascal Warache, Ade Beryl Azah, Collins Mbunwe Banla, Alain Mbeng Ghangha, Njei Blaise Sabum, Acha Ngoh Mac-Donald, Atabongwung Diane, Doumtsop Kuete Ingrid, Yuniwo Perez Mbunwe And Mambo Linda.

If you are interested to join the next class of the Mini MBA program from any country, kindly contact the following emails or or Whatsapp +237 656140207


CELBMD Africa Communications Team

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