Meet the Mini-MBA June 2021 Class Governing Council


Meet the Mini-MBA June 2021 Class Governing Council

The Student Governing Council is the main bridge between the Mini-MBA candidates, the administration and the faculty. The Council provide assistance to the general student body and assist the administration if carrying certain duties. The Council is also an opportunity for the members to grow in leadership, administration and service. Meet June 2021 Class Governing Council


The Executive Governor  Mr Ngoh Mac-Donald –Student Governing Council

Ngoh is a Cameroonian that majors in helping people of all age groups grow in their personal walks with God and improve in their entrepreneurial lives. Brief, he focus on building and inspiring the whole man.

A graduate from UBa and a trained teacher at HTTC Bambili, combines his academic and teaching skills to dispense knowledge to any audience before him. His passion to make a difference in people’s lives has led him to travelling across several regions in Cameroon attending seminars on leadership and entrepreneurship. He has been involved in networking marketing and equally as a trainer in some network marketing companies.

His unflinching zeal to make a difference in young people’s lives specifically has led other denominations give him key leadership tasks and is currently currently the discipleship supervisor in his local assembly. Ngoh Mac-Donald Co runs a program helping young people grow in their walk with God hosting members from over 6 countries. Currently, he is the Co founder of peer vendors app (yet to be launched) , a mobile global app that will connect buyers and sellers in over 6 countries.


The Deputy Executive Governor Mr FORTI BORIS FOKOU – Student Governing Council

Fondly called Duke, Forti has been called the managerial accounting magna carta. As he stands tall amongst those new breeds who believes in an advance financial restructuring of the petroleum world.

With an awesome base in science and leadership, he acquired with distinction a higher professional diploma in oil and gas, specialising in drilling engineering from GULF FIELD UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM, MINING AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES.

This believe compelled him into the financial world where he emerged victorious over every transitional, socio-political and educational odd, to acquire a BSc in accounting and finance from the university of BUEA.

PRE and POST degree, saw FORTI BORIS developing insightful financial perspectives that transformed the management of both world class and national companies. Amongst which, the prolific updating of the managerial structure for THE BANK OF CENTRAL AFRICAN STATES (BEAC) branch of DOUALA, adopted in December 2019, as a stagaire

He is an expert in manoeuvring the administrative huddles of this demography especially for the establishment of start-ups and stakes for venture capitalist, creating contractual terms for business deals to suit both parties. In this regard, he has championed the existence of three start-ups (RESTAURANT LE NJOR, DADDY’S CHICKEN, AND DEAR DOCTOR) he is an active investor in the transport sector.

Forti Boris takes consulting to a whole great level, not only finding profitable courses for a capital to chatter but also placing his network of sources at your disposal.

Today, amongst other consulting activities, he serves as an INTRAPRENEUR (accountant and business developer), in Cameroon’s leading publishing house in terms of market share and national representative of CAMBRIDGE.



The Secretary General Ms Ateh Onorine – Student Governing Council

Ateh Onorine(Deby) is a talented administrative professional with background in accounting and finance. Extensive knowledge of AR/AP and taxation enthusiast.

She is very articulate and well spoken in both English and French languages. a good team builder with acute communication skills. she is excellent at planning and coordination of projects and other events. she has over 5 years of well seated experience in project administration and execution working with Huawei Technologies Cameroon.

Ateh is passionate about consultancy in business and particularly is interested in taxation systems, how they function and how they can be improved to better serve the state and the citizens; reason why she is currently enrolled in the ongoing Mini MBA program hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership & Business Management Development – CELBMD Africa in partnership with Kesmonds International University (KIU) America

She looks forward to setting up her own consultancy in the near future as she sits under tutorship and matures her learning process. She aims at being an outstanding consultant in business for both the state and the private sector at large.


CELBMD Africa Media Team

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