Certified Program: Virtual Team Collaboration (VTC)

On the May 01st 2020, Javnyuy Joybert Founder of CELBMD Africa shared the following

Companies are currently pushing various industries hard to stop relying heavily on in-person interaction & getting work done.  Remote work has been in existence already but the COVID-19 pandemic just made it happen faster especially in Africa and Cameroon.

Physical distancing, reduction of nonessential operations, and limited contact are fundamental in the present and future market place.
The question now remains, how can organizations continue to reach customers and meet their expectations ? The answer is in their employees developing the skills to Serve virtually.

Many businesses in Cameroon, Africa and globally are thoroughly re-examining their operations now. Will you be ready for their new operation model? As someone who seeks international career opportunities can you deliver in this virtual work place?

Our Certified Program in Virtual Team Collaboration (VTC) is one of the hot skills now and In the next couple of years. Reserve your seat now for this two days training. Join

CELBMD Africa Team

On May 02nd 2020, Javnyuy Joybert Founder of CELBMD Africa shared the following

One major effect of COVID-19 is radical shift to remote Business models.
Remote learning increased
Remote working increased
Remote service delivery increased

Institutions are investing heavily in digital business model my question is are professionals especially in Africa Equipping themselves with vital digital skills?

Attend our Certified Program in Virtual Team Collaboration and take the lead. Certified by The Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and I Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa

Date: 11 and 12 May 2020
Time: 1 pm to 3:30pm daily
Venue: Zoom
Registration just 5 000frs (On partial scholarship).

CELBMD Africa Team

Email: infos@celbmdafrica.com

Tel: +237 656140207

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