Scaling in 2020 & Creating Incredible Results by Javnyuy Joybert

Scaling in 2020 & Creating Incredible Results.

12 Things You Must Resolve to Consistently Do in 2020 to Win.

By Javnyuy Joybert

Happy Happy New Year!!

The next decade, starting from 2020 is the most important & course altering point in the history of humanity. To stay relevant & significant through
out this decade, you will need some intentionality. If your performance does not change your life will not change.

Let me share with you the 12 things (skills & habits) you should be doing in 2020 to shine. This could be the best year ever for you if you make the
right huge life changes

1. Have unshakable confidence & self assurance that you are competent to take on your daily, weekly & monthly goals. Successful people have incredible levels of self-confidence.

2. Develop unbreakable self discipline. Out grow procrastination & get things done at the right time

3. Become resourceful. Know how to access & analyze relevant information. Know how to find quicker ways of doing things. Most importantly know how
money works, understand wealth creation & management systems.

4. Know how to build, be part & work with communities (Networks). The ability to have the right people who are like-minded is imperative. You need to be part of a community that can guide you, support you, and push you.

5. Develop strong mindset & strong will. Many things will not go right as you plan but with strong mindset & will, you will come out winning. Be
futuristic & press forward!

6. Effective task management (time management). If you have been wasting time the last couple of years is about time you change. Start spending time
on the right things (tasks)

7. Create an innovative learning curriculum. Intentionally study to expand your mind in knew areas that will directly or indirectly affect your career
or business in this decade. Strategically position yourself.

8. Learn a new important soft (essential) skill. We are entering the year & decade that the need for relevant soft skills is becoming more important.
Pay the price and learn them.

9. Know how to get things done. Become an effective executor. Is not enough to have dreams and big goals it’s more important to know how to make them a

10. Master the art of influencing others.
Learn to become more of service and influential with your friends, coworkers, and everyone you hope to serve & lead

11. Dream, Dare, Conquer & make-up your mind to make History this 2020.
Don’t settle for less when you are made for more.

12. Let your God lead you. There’s a higher power, there’s a higher force that control the human spirit. You have Incredible competitive advantage
2020 when you serve your God.

It is your responsibility to make 2020 your year of Incredible results. You can change your life if you really want to. You can improve it, make it
better. Keep shining and happy New year

You are Rare You are Remarkable

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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