Could someone’s Digital Footprints Be The Cause Of Their Misfortune?

Obia M Bryan


For the purpose of this discourse, it is important we define the meaning of the word “digital footprint”.


The word “digital footprint” simply refers to information about one’s activities that exist on the Internet.

Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not have information about themselves online. But the big question is; what kind of results
do people get each time they try to know more about someone using a search engine? Thinking right?

Amazingly, a lot of people  (for example  job seekers) aren’t  aware of the fact that their digital footprints could be one of the reasons why they aren’t employed till date. Results obtained from their online activities by recruiters prevent them from receiving  job offers despite their outstanding qualifications and eye catching CV among others.






The reason for this misfortune is because they had spent time, or better still spend time publishing misleading and unverifiable information, promoting gender stereotype messages, and sharing hate content on social media in a bid to attract attention and generate

Most of them are ignorant of the fact that  their online activities can be accessed or tracked  by anyone interested in knowing more about

Also, numerous studies point out  that most recruiters and independent investigators use search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc.) and
softwares’ to get information about those they wish to know more about.

Apart from job  applicants, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and even organizations seem not to be left out of the net. Most of them miss
out lucrative opportunities that could enhance their businesses simply because of their negative online image.

Whatever be the case, it is important  to thoroughly examine the type of content one wishes to share online before publishing. Also, the
types of platforms one uses to communicate objectives play a crucial role in either building or destroying their online image. Hence, one’s digital footprints remains a key  parameter among others used by prospective employers, sponsors and investors in making decisions and judgment about their credibility, reliability and trust worthiness.

It is therefore important to be  careful while using the  internet because it attracts both positive and negative impacts.

Remember, we only have one chance to create a positive impression.



About the Author

Obia M Bryan
Managing Partner/HR, Camer Human Capital (CHC) Ltd. Operations Coordinator Remedy Association.
Public Relations Officer, Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA-PAIDWA)
MSc. SHRM, Pan African Institute for Development West Africa

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