African Young People: Do More Than What is Being Required By Javnyuy Joybert

As a young person, have you ever asked yourself questions like “How can I be extra-ordinary? How can I be excellent?”

Here is my point, I believe that for any young professional in Africa to be exceptional in the workplace he or she must be willing to do more than what is being required in the workplace, for an entrepreneur to unique in the African market place he or she must be able to do more than what is being required, for a student whether you are in high school or university, for you to be excellent you have to put in more and do more than what is being required.


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Millions of African young people have remained stagnant in life because they do things averagely mean while the world is for people who do more than what is being required. Gary Ryan once said “Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile”

Making the decision to always do more than what is required in everything you do as a young person will make a major difference in your life and your future self will greatly thank you for that. Why settle for mediocrity when you can be more by just doing more.

Note that making up your mind to always do more than what is required means persistence and relentless commitment will be your habit.

Personally, as a young person, I have always been passionate about living a life of excellence, achieving my goals 100%, getting results & celebrating victories always and after some time I discovered that If I just make up my mind and discipline myself enough by just always doing more than what is expected or required, I will have all these. To achieve excellence in all you do as a young person in Africa, strive to always do more than what is required. As young people, our potential is limitless and it is up to us to tap into it.


About the Author

Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach & Business Trainer/Consultant.

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