African Young People: The Most Important Part of Leadership By Javnyuy Joybert

When leadership is mentioned anywhere 99% if not everybody’s mind will go to the people they are leading. A lot of us forget the most important part of leadership which is self. You can define self leadership as influencing yourself to achieve your objectives.

Do you know the most difficult person to lead is yourself? You now know. One of the most important gifts you can give yourself, your team, your business, your family, your community is to be able to effectively lead yourself. When you are able to lead yourself, it creates transformation, ownership and impact.


When you effectively lead yourself, you become a self leader and self leaders are self motivated to take purposeful actions and so make better team members and effectively lead the people they have been given. When you lead yourself well, you have self awareness, self confidence which enable you to influence others well. Leadership is about influence.


Anyone can make a different if they start by leading themselves. By leading our own lives we will accomplish extra-ordinary results that will inspire more people.

Guide on how to lead yourself

– Self awareness: You can’t lead someone you can recognize

– Make a plan

– Inspire yourself

– Motivate yourself

– Have a big picture

– Personal development (attend trainings, seminars, coaching)


Remember “Anyone can make a different if they start by leading themselves”


About the Author

Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach & Business Trainer/Consultant.


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