African Young People: Improving Your Entrepreneurial Venture By Javnyuy Joybert

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With few years  (6) of experience as Business Trainer/Consultant and as an entrepreneur myself with 3 failed startups I have come to understand that the problems facing African entrepreneurs is not how to start or run their business but, the problem is how to stay successful, productive & profitable in their businesses as years go by.

with google, business & entrepreneurship blogs/platforms here and there, we already have more than sufficient information on almost everything about entrepreneurship & business, what we don’t have enough or what have not been clearly stated are practical entrepreneurship solutions that addresses specific entrepreneurship & business problems with direct impact on business performance. Looking at the African entrepreneur, these problems revolves around the following major business objects that is customers, infrastructure, Skills & Funds.

Many at times young entrepreneurs including me always work hard to improve their entrepreneurial venture but are not sure how to begin or go about it. From my experience, I will share some key ways you can start improving your business


  1. Start with self

A good number of entrepreneurs can testify that many investors invest in the entrepreneur before the unique idea. What am trying to portray here is this, many entrepreneurs always want to improve their business performance but they forge to improve self-performance. When you make yourself productive, you will boost the productivity of the business. Most entrepreneurs are not productive because they lack relevant skills to boost productivity and increase performance. Take short courses, attend trainings, workshops.


  1. Assess current situation

As an entrepreneur, before you start making changes, make sure you have a full understanding of the factors affecting your business success. Check out your current business processes & practices, product, market trends. Carry out a serious analysis both internally & externally


  1. Set Clear goals & deadlines

Instead of setting specific business goals, many entrepreneurs set broad goals. Specific goals make it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve them. When goals are specific, you can prioritize them by deciding on which to focus on first, which goals need urgent attention. Note that some business goals will need long term strategy while some will need short term strategy. Don’t forget to set deadline for your goals because it will motivate you to work harder.


  1. Identify Strategies & Develop a plan for implementation

This is the stage where you use your brain and map out strategies you could use to improve your business situation. It is at this point that some entrepreneurs hire the services of a consultant or business development professional. And to achieve your goals you need to work out how to implement your strategies. Strategies are powerless without action for implementation. Implement a continuous improvement approach, improving productivity or business is an ongoing activity.


Dedicate yourself daily to improving your business.


About the Author

Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Entrepreneurship/Business Development Trainer/consultant.

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