7 skills that you need to succeed in the marketplace

This article originally appeared in Lapid Leaders Africa website.

Written by Lucy Mas, a student at JKUAT pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics

  1. Self-awareness: I have been able to define my personality and the values that I hold true and I’m now able to keep firm in my principles without appearing disrespectful. Understanding my personality has helped me define my passion and consequently been able to understand my vision and eventually created a great personal brand. I now clearly understand my strengths and weaknesses and how these play out in defining the roles I pick along my career path.
  2. Effective communication: I have managed to fine tune my sales pitch and been able to powerfully respond to that dreadful “tell me about yourself” question with such ease. The story telling sessions helped me understand how to effectively deliver an influential speech using a story. Recently I’ve been able to stand in front of audiences comprising of completely new faces and managed to deliver good speeches that earn me great complements after. It’s a huge step!
  3. Entrepreneurship skills: I have learnt how to develop creative ideas from existing problems in society through conducting SWOT analysis, identifying exiting solutions and building this into innovative ideas. I have adopted the skill of transforming an innovative idea into a business and how to make the business stand out amidst competition. I have understood how to come up with a great business proposition and a Business Model Canvas at large. Moreover, I have learnt how to effectively present or pitch a business idea to an audience and how to defend it in case of criticism.
  4. Team work: All the activities done for assignments are achieved within squads. This has helped in building bonds and learning how to work within groups of people. Hangouts, coaching labs, camps and the community service activities have further developed the bonds we share as squads.

5. Responsibility: Certain simple tasks have actually built my sense of responsibility as a leader in the following ways: o Provision of Saturday break time snacks. o Setting up and Setting down. o Organizing meet ups and following up on transport and venue arrangements. o Time keeping as a core rule for all activities.

6. Servant leadership: The community service activities put into perception the fact that helping someone costs so little if anything at all. It has helped me see that there’s so much I can do to help. A simple gesture of showing up to play with children actually changes their day more than we would know.

7. Career Preparedness:

  • Learnt how to effectively network and maintain established networks and mentors.
  • Learnt how to sell y self powerfully through a great CV, cover letter and sales pitch.
  • Learnt how to ace an interview and how to answer those dreadful “what should we pay you” questions creatively.
  • Learnt how to conduct myself and stand out at the workplace by understanding certain competencies as commitment, having a positive attitude, being responsible, taking initiative, never rejecting feedback and constantly growing. (Summarized as CARING)
  • The mock interviews provided a great opportunity to get one on one feedback from Human Resource managers on where my strengths and weaknesses lay as far as interviews were concerned. I am now working on improving my CV and cover letter as had been pointed out to me.

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