Key management aspects that kill most SMEs in Africa By

Key management aspects that kill most SMEs in Africa are:

#1 Poor financial management. Not separating Business finance from personal finance, Not having a periodic budget that guides financial decisions, not evaluating financial performance and using to take decisions

#2 Poor Marketing. Not properly branding, Poor customer service or CRM, Not putting in place clear marketing strategies or even evaluating the marketing performance and making decisions from that

#3 Poor vision and planning or even involving staffs in this process

#4 Poor HRM. Not recruiting based on needs nor recruiting the required competent staffs, not investing in employee growth or bordering about employee motivation

#5 Not having a SYSTEM that guides the operations of the business.
Overall willingness to learn, improve and change. If we even think of succeeding in Business, we have to seriously consider these points

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Dohmatob Cyril Gevala CEO, Extended Limits. Business Developer/Financial Consultant.

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