7 Things Every Young Person Needs to Succeed in Life By John Hickey

7 Things Every Young Person Needs to Succeed in Life By John Hickey

If you are a young adult or the parent or guardian of a young adult, this article is for you. Every young person needs to succeed. Our young people are at one of the most important cross-roads in life. They are about to move from the world of education and dependency on others to the real world of work and self-reliance.

1. Be a Person of Integrity
Integrity means you can be trusted and depended on to do your work to the best of your ability, be on time and always be honest and truthful.

2. Cultivate Good Manners
If you show that you possess good manners by showing respect and kindness, the world will open to you.

3. Know How to Make Decisions
Studies have shown that the best decision makers, make decisions quickly and change them slowly. on the other hand bad decision makers make the slowly and change them quickly.

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4. Have Determination
It is a proven fact that people fail simply because they give up.

5. Be a Hard Worker
Despite what many people believe, hard work will not kill you. In fact, not being willing to work hard will cause more damage and pain than hard work ever will.

6. Choose Wisely
Of all the skills you will gain in life, not will make a bigger difference than the skill of making right choices.

7. Always Be a Student
Success-minded people know that the learning never stops. School may stop. The learning never stops.

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