As a creative entrepreneur building your passion and gifts into businesses that make both profit and impact, one of the things you cannot take for granted is the level of competition in your given industry, where there are so many voice wanting to be heard.
Breaking through the ceiling in your given industry is much tougher now, especially with the evolution of the social media platforms which makes it pretty easy for any Tom, Dick and Harry to brand himself as the next go-to expert, who promises nothing but self-acclaimed titles.
But beyond the noises and whistles, as a creative on my entrepreneurial path, I have come to figure out what industry leaders do that most people who are on this creative entrepreneurial path have fail recognize. And for this reason, their creative businesses get stuck in a rut.
To grow your creative brand and business as a speaker, writer, coach and thought leader is to focus on these three(3) “Es” which industry influencers use to great effect:
Constant personal and professional education is one thing you cannot joke with if you must growth the business of your passion and gifts as a creative entrepreneur.
On my creative entrepreneurial journey, I have come in touch with aspiring speakers, writers, coaches and thought leaders who so much would want to hit the top of their industries, but bucks at committing the their time, energy and resources to their development and education.
They have failed to realise that your passion and gift can only take you as far as you are willing to commit to its development through constant education.
To play big in any industry is to learn and master what the influencers in that know. And then add your creativity originality to the mix.
Your level of expertise in a given niche within a chosen industry is what puts your business on the upward curve.
Expert knowledge and skills are what effectively positions you as the go-to guy in the market place.
In my creative business as someone who help other creatives build a business model round their passion and gifts, I cringe when I here creatives claim to know all things and be all things to practically no man.
They seem not to fully understand the phrase that “less is more.”
Your unique personal and professional experience is like the pole upon which your creative brand and business flag can be hoisted. It gives a personal and elevated touch to your offerings.
Personal experiences stand you out from the rest, for it is only you that have lived it.
While your experiences are only a part of the story, the story cannot be complete if you have not learned how to masterfully make your personal and professional experiences work for you.
As you build your passion and gifts into businesses that make both profit and impact, never you underestimate the power of your life experiences.
These three(3) “Es” when effectively mastered and deployed, will be the difference between a business that will thrive and one that will dive.
About the Author
Obinna Okeke is a professional speaker, author of the book “LIVING YOUR PASSION: Proven Strategic Guideo to Build Your Passion into Business for Impact,” and creative entrepreneur.
I help creative entrepreneurs – speakers, writers, coaches and thought leaders, to build their passion and gifts into businesses that make both profit and impact.


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