I want to direct my message this evening to that very small entrepreneur out there that’s just starting out or still scratching out in this race of entrepreneurship.
I know you are confused about how you can grow your business to something big.

And your today doesn’t look like the future you want to build, not even by a long chalk.
Your business is so small that sometimes you are even ashamed of telling people how small it is.
It also seems like there are so many voices in your head now feeding you with doubts, fear, and worry whether a “small thing” like you can ever “make it big”.

Now, let me tell you something….
Don’t joke or look down at your small business.

Don’t begin to envy or be intimidated by those with the finest offices or cleanest ride or better funding.
If you have to squat in someone’s office or home just to get going, squat and treasure the moment.
For me, I started out squatting in someone’s house in Enugu before I moved into a small room of mine. At some point I was even homeless.
But today I live in a bigger apartment.

If you have to maintain one jean trouser and two shirts and use the rest of the money to invest in your business, please do it.
For me, I had a terrible wardrobe with few clothes; but my library was never deprived of good books that edified my mind and enriched my spirit.
If you have to use a second-hand or third-hand laptop to start out, please use it and stop waiting for a MacBook Pro.

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I started out my journey with a very old, 4th-hand HP Laptop that couldn’t even retain power.
It was a typical Television.
I mean, as soon as power went off, it went off. Not even a show of allegiance.
In fact, I didn’t have money to buy a laptop bag for it, so I carried it in polythene bag or in a wrapped newspaper everywhere I went.
But you see, that didn’t stop me from starting out, from fighting hard, and neither did it affect my self-worth or my ability to prove myself at all times.
So please treasure your small beginning.

Do the hard work now.
Get your hands dirty, invest your sweat into your dream, day-in, day-out.
Keep your focus undistracted.
Feed your appetite for greatness with your faith and daily sense of industry.
If you have to go hungry just to save some money to invest in books or training programs or materials that could improve you or your business, heck do it and don’t look back!
Stay dedicated and don’t allow anything or anyone make you feel insignificant because you don’t have or do the big stuffs yet.


If others are chewing their elephants with a single bite and you can’t, don’t let that discourage you.
Instead, slice yours, take them in bits, chew each bit very well, and then swallow and digest with a smile of pride on your face.
Keep busy on your vision on a diurnal basis.
Mind your small business.

Don’t despise your days of ground-level hustle.
And just in case what I have said so far still doesn’t make sence to you, then please I would like you to be reminded of this…
Just last year May 2016, UPS, the global parcel delivery company that you see the photo below was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 41th World’s Most Valuable Brand with a whopping market valuation of $93.3 billion and a staff base of over 440,000 spread across almost every part of the world.

But do you know friend, that UPS started in the dirty basement of a local hotel by two teenagers in 1907 who only had one bike and $100 bill that they borrowed?
Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

About the Author
Chinonso Ogbogu is the Founder, #TheIncubators Africa a pan-African business learning and support ecosystem for young African entrepreneur.

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