Can we begin to teach CURIOSITY as a course in our colleges?
Can we?
Because frankly, we are gradually losing our knack to be curious – especially here in Africa.
I believe the size of a man’s education and influence is a derivative of his degree of curiosity.
The size of a nation’s development is tied to the degree of her curiosity.
The same thing with business: the size of its growth is tied to the degree of the curiosity of those involved.

Curiosity is what drives learning and advancement; it is what drives novelty and growth. Yet, unfortunately, we grow up as adults and begin to jettison this priceless trait out our ship.
Going by the evolution theory, the foundation of curiosity can be traced back to a trait known as “neoteny,” that basically allows us retain our tendency to be children – a tendency that entrepreneurs must learn to embrace even as they run their businesses and lead their teams.
When entrepreneurs and those that make up their teams begin to get less curious about themselves and their worlds, their ability to create a new pathway or to deliver exceptional results begins to cascade down the hills of performance.

You can call yourself an entrepreneur from now still next tomorrow but if you are not a highly curious entrepreneur, your mediocrity is sure and you won’t travel far.

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Curiosity is what prepares and takes you and your team to the future. Curiosity is what pushes you further and farther than your competitors. Curiosity is what makes you market-centric and innovative. Curiosity enlarges the size of your vision and your ability to see what others are not or cannot see.
In fact, it has been proven that when humans are curious about something, their eye pupils get enlarged to about 45% more than their current sizes. By that same token, we can say that curiosity is an eye-opener; those who use it see more than those who don’t.

As an entrepreneur, that you and your team begin to lose the intense need to constantly fan the flame of curiosity.
Always seek out new ideas, ideals, and ideologies to become a better entrepreneur.

Be eager to know.
Practice what I call “investigative entrepreneurship”.
Because, ultimately, your success can only travel if the legs of your curiosity are willing to keep walking forward.

About the Author
is the Founder, #TheIncubators Africa a pan-African business learning and support ecosystem for young African entrepreneur.

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