Self Branding With Denis Akin

‘Your personal brand is your reputation. It is your legacy. It is defined by your character and it is the perception people have when they remember you or come in contact with your name. What people think of you through your actions, expertise and the emotional connections you make is your BRAND.’   Dennis Akin 
Your brand acts as a filter. It influences your decision process such that you make choices that are congruent with WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. It identifies what makes you unique, it clearly communicates your individuality to the people who need to know about you.
Our world is replete with individuals that have made their mark and left a strong impression on the heart and marks of people. The greatest success stories, however, inevitably involve people who stand out from the crowd. They may or may not have extraordinary talents, but most definitely know how to represent their capabilities in everything they do.
Personal branding helps a person use his talents and passions to become known for something  and to build a distinct personal brand. It involves staying true to one’s core values which are crucial to building a strong brand.

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Take for instance, the brand: Barack Obama. Regardless of your political persuasion, you cannot undermine the power of Barack Obama’s personal brand. He broke huge barriers by becoming the first African-American U.S President. He rose to his positions as a relatively young man known for his INTELLECT, his PUBLIC SPEAKING PROWESS and his PERSISTENCE in the face of what others considered  to be impossible. If you ask me what his brand represents, I will tell you in 3 words: HOPE, CHANGE and PROGRESS.
Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among people. The world celebrated his brand: that of a man who brings the hope of change and peace.
Brands are always evolving. People who are  the most successful in this world –  in business and otherwise- know the importance of being consistent with actions, words and appearances so that every person they interact with carrying away a similar impression.
My biggest assumption about you is that you‘re going through a change in your life – or hoping to create a change – that may feel somewhat intimidating!
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Crafting a personal brand can be exciting and a bit intimidating. To do it right, you have to spend time up front studying yourself and figuring out what really makes you tick. Only by having clarity of your person can you undertake the steps that follow. These steps include: indentifying your target market; setting yourself apart from your competitors; communicating your brand to the people who need to know you; and aligning every visible aspect of your life with your brand.
Personal branding is hinged on the maxim: Showing the World Who You Are. To this this effectively is expedient that you master the 3 arts of:
1.       KNOWing your brand
2.       COMMUNICATing  your brand
3.       CONTROLLing your brand
In my subsequent posts in this series on Self Branding, I will share with you remarkable strategies that you ‘ll find helpful as you begin your journey discovering and perfecting your personal brand.
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About the Author
Dennis Akin is one of the youngest, phenomenal, fastest-growing thought leader on the subject of Branding, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Nigeria.
He is the Principal/Chief Brand Strategist for Brandcomm Marketing Solutions (BMS) – a brand development and digital marketing agency headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.
He also sits on the board of RYTE FOUNDATION, the social enterprise brainchild of BMS, an organization committed to raising a new generation of young African leaders equipped with skills, tools and attitude for driving transformation in the spheres of business, social entrepreneurship, civic leadership and public service/governance.
As a trainer, he enjoys speaking to campus students and leaders across networks of global youth organization as diverse as JCI, AIESEC, ENACTUS, ROTARY CLUB, LEO and YALI every year. A rare blend of aptitude, gift and skill, Dennis is one of the few championing the course for a “new Nigeria” and the reformation of the African continent as a whole.

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