African Young People: Qualities of a Good Friend By Javnyuy Joybert

Friends, Friends, Friends. A group of amazing people that can either make you or break you. Personally, my journey of success so far has been greatly shaped by my good friends. In this article, today I will be sharing with you the qualities of a good friend every young African should keep. This is based on some analysis I have made with my friends. The Bible says Iron sharpens Irion but the fact is some of us have not manifested destiny or are still in one position because some of our friends are “firewood”, they only make you blunt and slow you down. As you read these qualities, carefully check out your current friend list if they are worthy enough to be your friends. Either you have value adders as friends or vampires as friends. Yes, I agree with you, friends will come and go, whether long term or short term friends, each one is unique, they should be able to propel you to success or add value.
Before I forget, note this, to have a good friend you must be one.
Now let us look at the qualities of a good friend base on the analysis of my friends
1. Positively Pushful
A good friend should be pushful enough to make you restless until you are living your full potential and passion. Pushes you to carry on, to keep going despite the huge challenges and failures. “A true friend helps define those around them. Whether they push them forward to achieve their goals or just offer helpful suggestions, growth is an important facet of living, and helps everyone to feel truly happy” Matt Caron

2. Supportive
Good friends are so supportive to the level that they cheer you back up when you fall. They support your ideas, your dreams and your next move. But as Kidscape put it, “Bad friends put your achievements down, show jealousy and resentment or offer little sympathy when you are sad”
3. Listen
Many of our friends just listen for listening sake or listen just to respond. But a good friend listen to you to understand, share their point of view, offer candid advice and follow up for feedback. This important because good listening skills are essential to allow communication of intimate thoughts & feelings.
4. Honest
Good friends are always honest about their feelings, about their friend’s actions and words. Good friends are never afraid to tell you you hurt them, provide the right advice and not the wrong one in other to please you. 
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5. Dependable
Good friends are dependable, you can count on them to be there for you when you need them, be willing to stand up for you and honour their words.
6. Self-Discipline
Good friends are personally self discipline. Their lifestyle is worth emulating, their decisions, choices, attitude & character is exceptional.  

7. Personal Adviser
Your friends should be the ones that you can run to when you are confuse and they will guide you through the right path, they know what is good for you and know what is bad for you. Great friends don’t hesitate to advice you on your professional matters, business matters and personal life
“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

 Helen Keller

About the Author
Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, and a dynamic, prolific and strategic Entrepreneurship/Business Management Trainer/consultant and a personal efficiency strategist. He is focused, question asker, answer seeker, problem solver and purposeful young African. He is the Founder/CEO of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center, Founder of WIKAJOBS, Founder, CELBMD Africa Mobile Micro Credit Scheme (CAMMICS). He is the Head of Njorku Career Centers, Country Director Consultant for C-Life, COO of Most Influential Young Cameroonians Initiative, YALI RLC Fellow and Consultant with several community base organizations, NGOs and SMEs across Africa. He has been nominated and has worn several local and international awards. He is the author of How to Confront The Limits (Living a More Impactul Life) – 2015, Living a Life of Divine Purpose – 2016, The Principal  Things for African Young People – 2017, and Guide to Manifesting Purpose -2017. He has authored so many personal development articles that have been published on several blogs and online platforms across Africa reaching thousands of audience weekly. He has lectured Business Management courses in two private universities in Cameroon for 5 years (2012-2016), He is A World at School Global Youth Ambassador and has been featured on numerous publications across the world regarding his contributions to mother Africa.

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