Struggling Entrepreneur By Chinonso Ogbogu

This is my late night succour to you.

I know the fierce battle in the marketplace is almost trying to snatch your dream away from you.
Somehow it seems you are now hearing the eering sound of obituary, announcing the death of your business – your idea.

But would you allow me a moment or two to interrupt your internal dialogue?
Would you?

In times like this, let nothing stop your onward mobility.
Keep moving towards that ideal that your heart strongly yearns for.
Work for it.
Learn it.
Correct it.
Make love to it.
Fight for it.

Even as things don’t look the way they should, never lose your upbeat.
Even when people you rely on keep telling you cock and bull stories – come today, come tomorrow – don’t throw in the sponge.
Even when sponsorships refuse to come and funds have turned their backs on you, please don’t kill yourself before you die.
Hold up your flag.

I know what I am asking of you this evening is hard; yes I know. But I respect you for choosing to listen and allow the seeds of this message to drop in the soil of your heart.
Maybe it won’t make sense now, buy it would later.

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The times are hard and the demons too are hungry and out in the open field, looking for young entrepreneurs like you and me to feast on.
So I feel your pain.
Just like you, I have had my dark nights and dry days.
I have had my confused days and lost nights – periods when I just wanted to stop sowing and start scavenging.

On many occasions, I have had thoughts of just parking up my tools, turning off the light, closing the door behind me, erecting the quit sign, and simply walking away.
There are many days I have stayed up late at night and cried and cried and cried.
Yet the only consoling voice I could hear was the punctuating sounds of chirping crickets making love at my backyard, or that of my ticking wall-clock hanging on my toothpaste green wall.

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All alone, I cried.
But then I refused to allow the torrents of my tears to drown my God-given ability and agility to keep moving one foot after another.
Let no one deceive you, it is Ok to cry.

I mean, being an entrepreneur doesn’t make you or me a stoic.
Cry if you have to.
Shut your doors, release the tears, but after you are done, wipe your face clean and step out again, pick up your sword, and get back in the arena.

That’s where gladiators like you belong – that’s where true gladiators like you are made.
Yes, you may have been bruised before and you currently feel heavily down in the dumps, but hey, remember that nothing can kill a man or woman that is not ready to die.
So get your fire back!

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Don’t let your challenges triumph over you.
You may not be there yet, but don’t and never stop moving.
Make corrections where you need to.
Learn where and what you need to.

If you have to ask for help one more time, please ask.
Just keep moving.

Don’t stop.
Keep your velocity fluid.
Keep turning the freaking wheel of your own advancement.

You’re the main actor in this whole movie; and like you already know, actors don’t die.
They always win at the end.

So please win this!

About the Author
Chinonso Ogbogu is the Founder, #TheIncubators Africa a pan-African business learning and support ecosystem for young African entrepreneur.

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