How To Land the Mentor of your Dreams in 2017 – Part 1 By Arise Arizechi

How To Land the Mentor of your Dreams in 2017 – Part 1
Today, I will continue the series on Mentorship and I will be sharing on the topic- How to Land the Mentor of your Dreams in 2017.
Many people desire to have Mentors that will guide them in the right direction of their lives, careers and businesses.
But the general complaints are along these lines: –
– it is not easy to get a mentor.
– they are super busy and they won’t have my time.
– they don’t pick my calls.
– they don’t reply emails.
They are valid complaints, no doubt. But they shouldn’t rule anyone out from getting a correct mentor.
So the question now is – How can one land the Mentor of his/ her Dreams this year?
What steps can one take that will grossly increase his chances of landing a dream mentor in 2017?
How do one pitch a mentor in such a way that he / she is not turned down?
Let me share a few things I have learnt along the way – 
1) Find a way to add value to the Mentor.
Even in Mentorship, this universal law applies – Give and you shall receive.
Before approaching him or her for mentorship, you need to do your home work well.
Study him and find out ways you can add value to what he is doing.
The goal here is to get their attention.
You can decide to volunteer / intern in their Mentor’s organisation. Work for free so that you can get into his space.
You can pay to attend an event where they will be speaking at or pay to attend their events or sign up for something they are offering.
Someone seeking Tony Elumelu’s Mentorship will do well to diligently apply for his TEEP program.
You can also spot a need / a gap in the Mentor’s business / organisation, find ways to fill the need and proceed to pitch the possible solutions to the Mentor.
If you solve problems for your Mentor, he will take you serious.
Whether you like it or not, even Dangote has some issues he is dealing with in his businesses.
If you show up with intelligent ideas, he will most likely listen to
By doing this, you are creating the right opportunity and enabling environment to ask him or her to mentor you without being turned down.
2) Ask. Ask. Ask.
There are folks who have been dreaming of approaching certain people for mentorship but have never asked.
Even the holy scriptures says – Ask and it shall be given unto you.
Once you have created that enabling environment where you have their attention, it’s time to pull the trigger – ASK.
Don’t “dull”.
No matter what, there are only two possible outcomes. You stand a 50-50 chance.
It’s either a Yes or a No, and you never know what the answer will be until you ask.
The good thing is that if you have added value to the Mentor, you have increased your possibility of getting a YES.
In my life, I have asked thrice and on two occasions, I have gotten a YES.
I am talking about the MD/CEO of a Nigerian Bank as well as the Chairman of a International Conglomerate.
So who says you can’t get a YES?
Now, this post is getting longer than I thought.
I will continue along these lines in Part Two tomorrow.
Till then, stay safe and think mentorship.

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