Reasons Why Some Public Speakers & Coaches are Broke By Peter Ochuko Kajovo

Dear Coach, Consultant and Life Changer.
I have noticed you complain a lot of being broke and I am concerned. You tend to do things wrong and keep you in that state.
1. You always organise free whatsapp classes or webinars and never sell a product or service once in a while.
2. You inspire and motivate without any real product, service or skill to sell.

3. Because you always do free stuff, you do the WORST thing: teaching your audience not to pay for valuable knowledge and hence seek free stuff or learn not to commit financial resources to intellectual properties. That again, leaving you BROKE!

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4. You invite speakers and you do not give them honouranium, breaching the principle of giving and receiving. As you then attract only free events.

Decide to make a change.

Your concerned friend,

Peter Ochuko Kajovo

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