Entrepreneurship: How to Turn an Idea into a Reality in Africa By Javnyuy Joybert

Through inspirational and motivational conferences, millions of young Africans have been inspired to dream big and think of ideas that can be the next thing in Africa. Am certain that these young people have could come up with a couple of great ideas the question now is; Why are the ideas not a reality. The answer is simple, putting an idea into action is always the difficult.
Am sure sharing your idea with friends on the road, during hangout chats, or WhatsApp groups they will say “That’s an amazing idea you should do something with that idea and make it happen” but at the end nothing happens.
Africa is such a difficult field to successfully turn an idea into a reality due to the poor enabling environment.
Talking to and interacting with my good young entrepreneurial friends in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa this is how i understand what they did to turn their ideas into reality in Africa
1. Believe in Yourself/Abilities
Truth be told the biggest obstacle to your idea could be you. You can’t take concrete action until you believe in your yourself/abilities that you can do it and that if you fail, you will learn and not give up. Millions of young Africans have failed to take their ideas to reality because when they face the numerous challenges in the entrepreneurial journey, they easily give up on the themselves.

2. Be Extremely Patient
Millions of young Africans get so impatient to get desired results and start to make bad decisions as they grow in the entrepreneurial journey and the outcome always get bad. The very first day you made up your mind to take consistent actions to turn your idea into a reality, you signed up for unexpected outcomes, challenges and difficulties but that should not stop you or slow you down. Keep moving forward, learn in the process, forget the doubters and negative voices.

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3. Passion
I always say “Passion keeps you going when the money is not coming”. The truth is money will not start coming in immediately you start your idea. Put passion into your idea, passion will enable you to go paths few people will go. As Glenn Llopis will say “Your ability to remain passionate about what you stand for is the ultimate enabler for the success of your idea”
Rich Melcombe said and i quote “Entrepreneurs must have passion and believe in what they are doing or they are destined to fail. You need to make a commitment to yourself and have a fiduciary responsibility to anyone who supports your idea or concept. Your purpose is to execute the idea and make others believe too.”
4. Forget about the capital first
Millions of young Africans think and believe that the first step to turning your idea into reality is getting the money (capital) first. Write down your idea and have a concrete plan first, talk to be positive people (Who can constructively criticize and recommend) about your idea, get feedback, consider the available resources at your disposal and networks you have around you that can help you start up and use them well. It is important you do not stop yourself by using a lack of resources (money) as a reason for not starting your idea
5. Learn to sell your idea
Unfortunately, a good number of young Africans lack the skills of engaging with people and communicating their ideas effectively for others to understand. Your immediate friend or family or colleague (Inner circle) could be that person with the money you need to get that idea up and running but because you lack the skills to sell your vision, you lack their support both financially and morally. Clearly define your idea, why it is unique, how it can generate revenue and transform lives. Make your idea simple and easy for people to understand
6. Continuous Improvement
Well your idea is like your baby, you need to continuously nurture it until the idea is up and running. Challenge yourself to always make the idea better by day. Consistently think and brainstorm on how you can improve the idea. As you improve on your idea also improve on yourself by acquiring skills ( I will highly recommend you attend entrepreneurship and business start up seminars around you)
7. Do Market Research
Don’t let the word market research scare you. Is a very simple task you can carry out your market research by asking questions to family members, friends, colleagues, church members, neighbors to see if your idea will satisfy their needs, (Customer Validation) if the idea is new in the market or if someone is already doing it no problem innovate it, add value and make it special.

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8. Action
Decide you are willing to go for your idea and take immediate actions. Many ideas across Africa are still on paper because the young people have failed to take actions to making their ideas a reality. They have this long list of self-limiting beliefs in their head why they can’t succeed with their idea. Identify and overcome these self-limiting beliefs and take action, because definitely you cannot turn your idea into a successful reality with self-limiting beliefs and action less strategy.
“Ideas are nothing except Acted upon”
About the Author

Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker and a dynamic, prolific and strategic Entrepreneurship/Business Management Trainer/consultant and a personal efficiency strategist. He is focused, question asker, answer seeker, problem solver and purposeful young African. He is the CEO of CELBMD Africa (www.celbmdafrica.org), Head of Njorku Career Centers (www.njorku.com), Country Director Consultant for C-Life (www.myclife.org), COO of Most Influential Young Cameroonians Initiative, YALI RLC Fellow and Consultant with several community base organizations, NGOs and SMEs across Africa. He has been nominated and has worn several local and international awards. He is the author of How to Confront the Limits; he has lectured Business Management courses in two private universities in Cameroon for 5 years (2012-2016) and has been featured on numerous publications across the world

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