Knock Down But Not Defeated! By Adedayo Olabamiji

Joseph was given a VISION of who he will be in the future. However, through the journey of life he faced lots of challenges but he kept his head high till he achieved his purpose. As a matter of fact those failures and challenges were stepping stones to his greatness. 
Failure at an event is not a lifetime failure! That you are knocked down over a cause or something you intended to achieve is not the end of life. Give it another try. Most time I love telling myself Adedayo you didn’t get it today, tomorrow is another day give it a try. 
Let your vision and desire keep you focus on the goals. Truth is that people will say NO to you at some point in the journey of life, let it fuel your determination to go or do extra.
When you get a NO, let it change your perception and perspective of how you will achieve that result without their negative influence. NO = Never Opt-out. 
In 2017 second quarter keep your head high. Be focused, consistent and loyal to yourself even when all seems difficult. Nothing is impossible! No man or situations can limit you except the ones you allowed. 
You are illimitable! 
Remember with God its people like us that succeed in life. 
To your success.
About the Author
Adedayo Olabamiji is a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Thought Leader,Human Resources, Change and Confidence Expert. He is dedicated to helping people live bigger, bolder and braver lives. He is the curator of #BreakingBarriers a weekly moitivational program on Twitter, through which lives of many have been changed. He is an astute Public and Conference Speaker. Adedayo have 10 years vast experience in Leadership Skills and Human Development. He has grasp insights in Project Management Certified from Institute of Finance and Strategic Business Management (IFSBM) and a Personal Development Skill from Prestigious Lagos Business School (Improving Personal  Effectiveness).

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