Make a Commitment to Overcome Your Fears

       My dear friend, fear is an asset in the journey towards success. Repeated failure actually is the price that many people including me have to pay to succeed. Don’t in any way be scared of your past failures or be scared of failing, use that fear of failure for your good. In my entrepreneurial journey, when i am about to embark on a project or new idea i tell myself if i don’t succeed, i will learn a new business strategy by so doing i naturally kill the fear of failure in me.
To so many African young people, failure is a forbidden word but really no one can’t have success without failure. Don’t let fear cause you to settle for mere existence and self pity, make a commitment to overcome your fears and live for excellence. Despite your fears keep your eyes and heart firmly on that dream, you can become what you want to become speak loud sometimes to yourself challenge that fear. Many at times in my office i talk and shout to my fears as if am talking to my colleagues. Don’t be afraid to fail because the major cause of fear is because many young people are afraid to fail. Know that failing is not the destination it is just a process. Condition your mind that you will rebound from failure just as surely as you gravitated into failure.
Therefore, despite your fears you have to have faith in yourself and your ability to figure out what works. Instead of being afraid you have to have the inner belief that everything you are doing is for a better future. Stop being afraid and start encouraging yourself with future sucesses.
If there is one thing that holds millions of young Africans from living their dreams is this thing called fear. Therefore condition your brain and develop courage to overcome that fear, build and increase your self-confidence. Read books and listen to audio tapes that will uplift you. Rise up, set goals and go achieve them. Fear should not stop you in short from today make a bold decision to not let fear ever hold you back anymore.
About the Author
Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker and a dynamic, prolific and strategic Entrepreneurship/Business Management Trainer/consultant and a personal efficiency strategist. He is focused, question asker, answer seeker, problem solver and purposeful young African. He is the CEO of CELBMD Africa (, Head of Njorku Career Centers (, Country Director Consultant for C-Life (, COO of Most Influential Young Cameroonians Initiative, YALI RLC Fellow and Consultant with several community base organizations, NGOs and SMEs across Africa. He has been nominated and has worn several local and international awards. He is the author of How to Confront the Limits; he has lectured Business Management courses in two private universities in Cameroon for 5 years (2012-2016) and has been featured on numerous publications across the world

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