How Do I Become A Better Speaker? – Part 3

Communication is the key ingredient when presenting. There is no point in knowing everything there is to know about a subject matter if you don’t know how to communicate it effectively to your audience.
If you are having difficulty getting your audience to understand you, it is either you are speaking in a language they do not understand or you are speaking on a subject matter that is confusing to them.
One of the reasons people have great fear for speaking is the fear of making mistakes – either grammatical or genuine errors.
Take this – Be vulnerable to make mistakes but also be intelligent enough to recover from your errors in good time.
Do not fear to fail. Failure is a feedback. There is the popular saying that goes thus “every master was once a disaster”. 
What you do with your mistake is the most important thing and not the mistake itself.
When you make an error during your presentation, see it as a sign that a slip occurred somewhere which can be corrected immediately or at a later time rather than as a sign that you are not good enough.
Get this – don’t go on making presentations with the mindset of spotting your mistakes. That is a wrong approach. Be natural as much as possible, if you notice any error and can correct it without distracting yourself and your audience – that is great. If not, flow with your rhythm and look at how to adjust next time.
Remember, proficiency in speaking only comes from continuous improvement by way of practice.
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Odedele Oluwatosin As a Coach and Consultant, he help organisations improve the productivity of their workforce

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