Signs You Are Wasting Your Life as a Young Person in Africa By Javnyuy Joybert

    When we were all kids we all wanted to be great people. Be a great son, a great big brother/sister. We all wanted to be a lawyer, doctor, banker, Lecturer, successful business men & women. Yes all these are great plans but how is that working out for you.  Hopefully its going great for some people and they are living the lives of their dreams.

    But for some African young people who are not living the lives of their dreams, here are signs that you might be wasting your life away but you don’t want to admit it.

You don’t have Definite purpose
Have a purpose, then pursue the purpose. When you focus on purpose every other distraction loose taste. What are you living for. To make your way prosperous have definite purpose. As a young African you must live life with purpose and on purpose
You Don’t Mind Your Business: When you enter peoples business you are working for them without pay. When you sit down and you talk about a person you are advertising the person. Whatever is not your business is not your interest. You only get profits from your venture. Don’t be interested in the issues of other people. Whatever is not your intention should not get your attention. Anybody you sit down to Talk about is better than you.
You put the wrong things in their lives: What you put into your life is what you get. What you sow is what you reap. What seeds are you sowing today. 
You Don’t Think Big
When you think big you end up big, when you think small you end up small. We serve a good a mighty God therefore think mighty.
You rush: To rush is to be crushed. Is better to slow and sure than to be fast and fall. Life is a process or in stages. Many of us have made critical mistakes because of Rush. 
You find yourself Complaining a lot: Many youths and people are constantly overwhelmed with life. They complain about their job, school, salary, teacher, attitudes etc. negativity does not change things,  it keeps you stuck. So change your thoughts and talk about what you appreciate about your life and your job, not what you don’t like. 
You don’t feed your mind:  If you are not continually growing and learning as a person then you are stagnant –just like a still pond that doesn’t move and soon starts stinking. That is what your mind does if you don’t keep it active and learn new things. Challenge your mind with a novel, a book on leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship etc
You have a lot of negative self-talk: closely monitor what you say to yourself. Because you will find that your life matches your thoughts. You will always experience physically your most dominant thoughts.  If you are always talking down yourself, you are wasting your life without knowing.
You feel uninspired always: There has to be something that you enjoy doing.  So you need to rediscover what excites you and then do more of it. If you sit down all day uninspired at everything.
You always think someone owes you a living: it is a global problem. Most of us African young people think someone is responsible for our success in life. Wake up nobody owes you a dime
You don’t plan for your future: As an African young person, if you don’t have a goal or a plan then you are like boat that is wandering aimlessly in the ocean hoping to end up somewhere good. You cant do that and expect to have a great life. You have to make a step by step guide to where you want to get in life. 
You spend too much time with people who don’t contribute to your growth:  I like to call them energy vampires. They suck the life out of you and give you nothing positive. Instead go find growth oriented people. 
You are addicted to your phone or computer: If you find yourself addicted to your phone, computer or television for the wrong reasons you are already messing up your life.
You don’t like to leave your comfort zone: where you don’t take risk to improve your life.

Life should be exciting. So if you are not enjoying life, take a look at some of the changes you can make to get you to a better place.  

Compiled by:
Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker and a dynamic, prolific and strategic Entrepreneurship/Business Management Trainer/consultant and a personal efficiency strategist. He is focused, question asker, answer seeker, problem solver and purposeful young African. He is the Founder/CEO of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center ( which is an International Center of choice for skills/competency based Professional Executive Training/Development which cut across all levels of industry from Senior Executives to high school graduates. At CELBMD Africa we offer innovative Professional Executive Training/Development programs and capacity building seminars through the expertise of our renowned trainers, industry experts and volunteers, CELBMD Africa have Trained and Certified 8600 Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, High School Dropouts who can not attend a major university, university drop outs in 26 African Countries, through Conferences and Capacity Building seminars, CELBMD Africa have empowered 18000+ across Africa in areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development and Effective organisation/Business Management practices. Through CELBMD Africa Micro Credit Scheme (CAMICS), his organisation provide micro credit loans to rural/semi urban women & youths to start businesses after receiving empowerment in Entrepreneurship & Vocational skills. This project makes women/youths who are considered “unbanked” to bank by registering them on mobile money platforms and their mobile numbers are turned into account numbers.  He is the Head of Njorku Career Centers (, Country Director Consultant for C-Life (, COO of Most Influential Young Cameroonians Initiative, YALI RLC Fellow and Consultant with several community base organizations, NGOs and SMEs across Africa. He has been nominated and has worn several local and international awards. He is the author of How to Confront The Limits (Living a More Impactul Life) – 2015, Living a Life of Divine Purpose – 2016, The Principal Things for African Young People – 2017, and Guide to Manifesting Purpose -2017. He has authored so many personal development articles that have been published on several blogs and online platforms across Africa reaching an average audience of 25000+ weekly. He has lectured Business Management courses in two private universities in Cameroon for 5 years (2012-2016), He is A World at School Global Youth Ambassador and has been featured on numerous publications across the world regarding his contributions to mother Africa.

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