How Do I Become A Better Speaker? – Part 2

How has your day been? Were you able to take with you vital points you can implement for your next presentation from yesterday’s post? I hope so. 
Today. I share with you the next step.
You only become better in a skill when you put in several hours of consistent practice.
Cristiano Ronaldo epitomizes the power of practice. The only way he could compete with a naturally gifted Lionel Messi and stand shoulder-to-shoulder was to put in extra hours after each day’s training session everyday!
The only way you can become world- class is to put in extra shifts of practice and be CONSISTENT with it.
This is the reason some people drop out from workout sessions and weight-loss programs. They stop visiting the gym because they seem not to see the results immediately after a couple of efforts at the routines. I was guilty of this several years ago. I started working out with a friend and after few weeks of jogging and lifting weights, I didn’t see my biceps pop out and got discouraged. Initially I reduced the time devoted to the sessions before quitting entirely.
You don’t become phenomenal by having one or two great presentations. Neither do you become world-class by simply going half-way in your efforts. If you want it so bad, you’ve got to put in the shifts needed to get it.
Practice in front of the mirror, practice in front of friends and family, record your speech and play it back to yourself.
Watch videos, listen to audios and attend events of famous speakers to learn a trick or two from them. If possible, get to chat with them and learn insider tricks you can tweak and use for yourself.
Practice so well that it comes to you naturally whenever you go up on stage even at short notice.
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Odedele Oluwatosin As a Coach and Consultant, he help organisations improve the productivity of their workforce

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