Kenneth Gyamerah On Dreams, Goals And How to Become an Industry Leader

As young people, we usually complain about how our predecessors have failed this generation. It is obvious that, they failed us considering the limited opportunities we have in Africa. Notwithstanding, we  cannot use that excuse as a yardstick to fail in this generation and the one to come. Our case should be different. Young Africans should up their games by identifying opportunities from the many challenges surrounding us. If we keep complaining and refuse to use our God given talents, I am sorry to say that, our generation would be worse.
We usually complain about money, government support and unfavorable environment to thrive but we shouldn’t lose sight of our dreams. The dreams we hold is a precious gift which can translate into money if we actionalize them.
 As young Africans, we should keep to mind that, there is an order in life. Things happen sequentially. When we plan our lives, we are giving our future a sense of direction. You start planning as soon as you find your purpose of life. There is more failures if you fail to plan. If you don’t have a good plan of action, you will involve in so many things which will actually give you nothing.
Your dreams should drive you to have a vision. To actualize your vision, you have to set realistic goals in line.
Many young people have made the little success they have achieved get into their heads to the extent that, they think that’s all. Remember that, when you become successful, it is not a destination. You don’t plateau. You should think about being an industry leader. . That should be the aim of every young entrepreneur, business person, Activist, etc. 
An industry leader is the person who has specialized in an area and rose to the highest rank in such a way that, whenever there is a  search for resource person in that area, every investor, corporate bodies and companies look for that person.
To my fellow young Africans ,I want you to develop your  dreams into  actionable goals and set realistic objectives for yourself. Be confident, consistent and competent so that you can catch up with the era of competition.
Read a lot on the area you are working around. Look for the industry leaders in that field. Learn from them. Study how they go about with their work. Be very knowledgeable and current with your area of expertise. Read books about the kind of work you do. Attend conferences, enroll in short courses ( I will personally recommend you visit and capacity building seminars. 
Your consistency, focus and determination can make you an industry player in the area/field you are working around. Being an industry leader should be the goal of every Business Person, Entrepreneur, Activist, Journalist, Writer etc.
In 10 years’ time, if they are looking for a Consultant, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Writer, Activist, Educationist, Public and Motivation Speaker for a project, are you going to be the person everyone would be looking for??
Think about this….. INDUSTRY LEADER.
About the Author
Kenneth Gyamerah is a Ghanaian Writer, Teacher and the Country Ambassador to CELBMD-Africa. He is a YALI West Africa and Royal Commonwealth Society Fellow. He is a member of the International Society of African Youth Activists.

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