Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador – Tanzania

                  The CELBMD Africa family is happy to announce our newest team member Mr Jeremiah Paul Wandili who was recently appointed as CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Tanzania.
Who is Paul? Read about him in his own words.
“I am a Community Development expert, dynamic social entrepreneur, community trainer, civil society leader and African change maker, with vast and outstanding experiences in community development management project, working with local and international organization. In my capacity as CEO at House of Potential Enterprises (HOPE Limited), I managed to train various regional organizations, SME’s and companies in leadership and business development services. Currently working as Program Coordinator at Community Initiatives Promotion Trust Fund (CIP Trust)supporting the implementation of regional cooperation program under Sisters Cities Singida-Salzburg (Austria)
I was born and raised in Southern Highland region (Iringa) Tanzania, believing God calling and purposes in my life to make meaningful life by helping others to fulfill their life purposes and reaching their full potential. Since I graduated in 2012, and acquiring Bachelor Degree of Arts in Community Development at the University of Iringa, formerly known as Tumaini University, Iringa University College (IUCo) I understand the privilege I have in my family, community and my country, I stand to inspire underserved community and generation and building  their skills through community training.
As African leader, I am passionate to see African transform in all spheres of life (Social, political, economic and cultural) since I joined THIS IS AFRICA Initiative, I found myself indebted to my continent to support problem solving and implement various solutions for sustainable development and pro poor growth. The African continent is rich and endowed with underutilized vast natural resources; we need to create more opportunity to engage young people in the development of our continent (Inclusive growth) I believe in skills development, knowledge sharing and capacity building in formal and informal ways.
Moreover, I am Cohort 12 Participant for civic leadership track at Young African Leadership Initiative, Regional Leadership Center (YALI, RLC) YALI gave me more chance to engage with youth in the regional and enlighten my understanding about various issues that affect personal development, my community and the continent at large which need immediate interventions for smoothly transformation. I want to see Africa everywhere is peacefully society, just and democratic progressing toward prosperity. I believe in social economic inclusion and potential in community diversity. #MYHOBBIES I real like to play football game, reading books, and social media socialization, I use social media to mentor and coach my fellow youth in my social network”.

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