Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Deputy Ambassador Uganda

Official Press Release
We at CELBMD Africa are so delighted to officially announce the Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Deputy Ambassador Uganda
Nabagabe Kalule Flavia is a Professional teacher, motivational speaker, human rights defender and advocate for women and youth, feminist, politician, transformative leader with vast experience in effective women’s participation in leadership, gender, gender budget, governance, feminism and community development work. Vivacious, social, charismatic, brilliant young woman full of energy. An excellent communicator, Flavia displays a strength of character. Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI, RLC, East Africa) participant.
Former independent Parliamentary aspirant for the position of Woman MP, Mubende District; 2016. Founding member of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum, Uganda (AYLF) under the Cornerstone Foundation, a group of young like-minded youths who believe and practice the position that every leader should be accountable to his peers and society. She is also a member of the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternative, an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda. Flavia believes that women’s concerns are development issues and if neglected can be a huge setback to economic empowerment for any nation, therefore bringing to the forefront their unique gender dimensions is paramount if any real and meaningful development for total empowerment of Ugandan women and girls is to be achieved.
Congratulations and welcome to CELBMD Africa Team.

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