Appointment – CELBMD Africa Regional Director for East Africa

 On the 25th of October 2016, The Executive Board of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center during their board session appointed Mr Ebotu Andrew Junior as The CELBMD Africa Regional Director for East Africa which he will be doubling as the CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Uganda after serving with CELBMD Africa for a period of 10 months. Andrew is such an outstanding focused young African with the drive to contribute his quota to African development.
Andrew is a Scientist with a Physics Major holding a Bachelor of Science in Technology (Physics) from Kyambogo University. He is a CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Uganda possessing a well-built groundwork of science, with the best of his qualities being curiosity and patience; he is highly inquisitive and analytical, optimistic, detail-orientated, open-minded, tenacious and determined. He is extremely experiential mostly on corporeal and mental phenomena even the slightest of an observation can incarcerate his mind – this he says makes him eager to innovate from a point of creativity when it come to problem-solving. When questioned about his mentality he just copes with technical terminologies from a typical vocabulary viewpoint with a sieve to find the word “intellect”, which he says he believes in its power. Principally, he is a research practitioner, has been straight forwards as a scientist with scientific ideologies circumnavigating entrepreneurship of latest with a concentration on technology. He currently works on a new version of the demanded society from the entrepreneurial innovation perspective. Currently he is a Participant of the YALI RLC of East Africa – Cohort 11 which he further on doubled with a mentorship.
He is a Founder/Project Director for the Consortium of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (CREATECH) a Community Based Organization (CBO) and a thoughtful volunteer with various youth community development organizations including: Active Minds Africa (AMA), Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) and Uganda Deaf Mission Fellowship Center (UDMFC) and a participant in Entebbe Municipality community youth capacity building through entrepreneurship, organizational leadership and business start-up and management building, he is curiously passionate about the next generation and straightforwardly involved in directing Africa’s finest minds towards Pan African harmony with a strategy to transform and empower the young generation to struggle and make their world a better place to live. He believes that interdisciplinary team work is a way to success with an ability to concentrate “with a capability of dreaming about possible directions” on top of good planning and time management.

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