Who is Javnyuy Joybert?

 Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Personal Development Strategist/Blogger and a dynamic, prolific and strategic Entrepreneurship/Business Management Trainer and a blend of administrative gifts. He is a focused and purposeful young African
Javnyuy is a certified Business Management and Entrepreneurship trainer by The American Entrepreneurship Foundation (AEF) California USA, performance and efficiency consultant whose forte lies in Empowerment, Training and Development in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development and Business Management Development. He is one of the youngest and finest Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership and results based Business Management trainers in Africa.

Javnyuy Joybert is the Founder/CEO, Senior Trainer and Principal consultant at The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center. CELBMD Africa is an International Center of choice for skills/competency based Professional Executive Training/Development which cut across all levels of industry from Senior Executives to high school graduates. CELBMD Africa offer innovative Professional Executive Training/Development programs and capacity building seminars through the expertise of our renowned trainers, industry experts and volunteers. Each program is customized and designed to incite Problem solving skills, innovative thinking and exchange of ideas. The various Professional Executive Training/Development programs have been designed to address some of the immediate issues facing many upcoming/average organizations and business executives today. Through Professional Executive Training/Development Programs, CELBMD Africa have Trained and Certified 8600 Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, High School Graduates, University Drop outs etc in 26 African Countries, and through Conferences and Capacity Building seminars, CELBMD Africa have empowered 22000+ across Africa in areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development and Effective organization/Business Management practices.

He is the Founder of CELBMD Africa Mobile Micro Credit Scheme (CAMMICS). This is a startup uses mobile technology to provide banking services to rural and semi urban women/youths, therefore using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas. Through CELBMD Africa Mobile Micro Credit Scheme (CAMICS) aka “Village Bank”, his organization provide mobile micro credit loans to rural/semi urban women & youths who are considered “unbanked” by the formal financial institutions to start businesses after receiving empowerment in Entrepreneurship & Vocational skills. The rural/semi urban women/youths are registered on a mobile money and their mobile numbers are turned into account numbers.

He is the Founder of Wikajobs.com. This start up assist young people’s transition into employment, work, career opportunities (volunteering positions, internship placements) and skills.

He is currently a Country Director Consultant with C-Life an African-led, non-profit Christian organization that exists to glorify God by equipping and empowering the next generation of African professionals to emerge as servant- leaders with character and skill, the Head of Njorku.com Career Centers and The Chief Operating Officer of The Most Influential Young Cameroonian Initiative.

He is the author of How to Confront The Limits (Living a More Impactul Life) – 2015, Living a Life of Divine Purpose – 2016, The Principal Things for African Young People – 2017, and Guide to Manifesting Purpose -2017. He has authored so many personal development articles that have been published on several blogs and online platforms across Africa reaching an average readership audience of 500 000+ weekly.  He is A World at School Global Youth Ambassador. He is a YALI RLC Accra Ghana ALUMNI in Entrepreneurship Track

Javnyuy Joybert is dedicated to matters of Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, transformational leadership, Organisational Leadership, Business Management/growth and reformation of young African minds. Hence, CELBMD Africa under his leadership has Trained and Certified 8600 Executives, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, young professionals, job seekers, high school graduates, university drop outs in 26 African countries including Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Swaziland, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya etc through Instructor led classroom and online Professional Executive Training/Development programs and has so far trained and empowered 22000 Africans through conferences and capacity building seminars. His consummating passion is to help his fellow Africans and Businesses to optimize their talents and become exceptional.

Javnyuy is a financial management analyst by training, a teacher of the gospel by divine orchestration, a writer by accident. He has worked as an Internal Auditor/Accountant with two micro finance institutions in Cameroon and has and is currently consulting with several NGOs, SMEs across Africa. Since 2012 he has taught Business management and Marketing in 2 High Schools and has lectured Business Management and Marketing Courses in two private universities in Cameroon that is The International University Bamenda – Kumbo Campus and IMPACT Polytechnic. Through the platform of his organisation CELBMD Africa, he has been nominated and he is a recipient of many awards and he is in high demand as an Empowerment Coach/Public Speaker at Conferences, Seminars, workshops, capacity buildings and training across Africa.

Ask Javnyuy what he wants in life and he will say “I want to leave a better and more sustainable Africa to the future generation far better than the one i inherited from my parents and i want to reflect God on earth by giving people a life better than what they have got”
Javnyuy Joybert lives in Kumbo, Cameroon.  


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